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Inspired by pop art and designed with a bold, colourful bottle that pops like a candy, Chérie by Kate Spade is a delightful blend of sophistication and simplicity. Not to mention a fragrance that encapsulates the essence of a Parisian love story. Created by renowned perfumer Louise Turner, it captures the spirit of joyful spontaneity, luminosity, and uplifting style.

Exploring sweet florals, vibrant fruits, and ever so sensual woody musks, there are notes destined to strike a chord with every woman in Kate Spade Chérie.

The defining notes

At the heart of this fragrance lies a captivating bouquet of precious flowers. Blending the scents of Rose, Sweet Pea, and Jasmine Sambac, Kate Spade Chérie is an olfactory symphony exuding elegance and femininity. According to Turner, the fragrance evokes the delicate texture of petals and celebrates nature’s beauty and the joy that flowers bring.

If you’ve been pining for a European summer, each spritz will transport you to the northern hemisphere where the temps are a little warmer and the days are a little longer. The scent begins with an explosive, tangy burst of redcurrant and raspberry notes perfectly complemented by the sparkling essence of Italian mandarin, creating a refreshing and lively start. As the fragrance evolves, it reveals a cosy musk that lingers on the skin. The vibrant fruits and florals are anchored by a warm depth thanks to its balance of White Woods and Ambrofix® – an intense ambery note that is both captivating and comforting.

Let’s talk about the playful packaging

The bottle design for Kate Spade Chérie draws inspiration from pop art, featuring vibrant colours and rounded shapes reminiscent of Ellsworth Kelly’s minimalistic forms. The combination of hot pink and red creates a strong and passionate visual statement. The packaging, adorned with Kate Spade’s signature racing stripes, adds a touch of sophistication and playfulness.

Inspired by a Parisian love story that takes place over 24 hours, this fragrance takes you on a sensory journey – think: strolling along the Seine to sipping coffee at a charming café – infusing your day with romance and delight. What’s not to love, mon chérie? 

It’s available in three sizes

Kate Spade Chérie, 40ml, $77
Kate Spade Chérie, 60ml $111
Kate Spade Chérie, 100ml $145

Kate Spade Chérie is available to shop now from Farmers.


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