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You do you, girl: 12 things I love to do for myself

Everyone knows that family and friends are the most important thing in life, but sometimes we all need a little bit of ‘me’ time

Whether it’s after a stressful week at work, or if getting away is your favourite ritual for staying sane, I love spending time doing things by myself because it teaches me to love myself and become more independent.
Some activities can be a little daunting, especially if you’re an extrovert who’s used to constant company, but spending time doing you can help you recharge those all important batteries, rest up, relax and rejuvenate.
Here are somethings Miss FQ digital and associate editor Skye Ross loves to do for herself:
1. Buy yourself a bunch of flowers
Because you’re worth it and you deserve it!
2. Take yourself on a brunch date at your favourite cafe
Take a book, or your laptop to do some work or study, and opt for your go-to order. If you feel like pancakes, order the freakin’ pancakes, if you feel like granola, order the granola, girl. I mean, hello, there’s no one here to make you feel guilty, it’s just you!

3. Go to a hilarious chick flick or super sad movie
You can cry uncontrollably in the corner of the movie theatre, or laugh so hard your belly hurts with no one there to witness it.
4. Visit a bookstore and get lost in a new read
My favourite book store is Unity Books on High Street – they have endless piles (literally) of new and exciting options to discover. An hour can easily pass before you realise the time. Don’t you just love that feeling?
5. Book in for a treatment at your favourite day spa
I can’t go past More Than Skin for one of their Restore experience which includes a Foot Soak & Polish, Nail Tidy & Paint, Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage, and Joyce Blok Express Facial. Bliss!
6. Binge watch a TV show – even if it’s trashy
Love Island, you guys. Enough said.
7. Talk a long, hot bath
Get a bath bomb, turn on the tap, light some scented candles and jump in. A bath is so underrated, don’t you reckon?
8. Dance in your Bonds underwear like no one’s watching
Oh wait, no one is watching! My Bonds Lace Tub Top in Coral Glo and Bikini in Tallow Tropics are so vibrant and provide plenty of comfort and movement – who wouldn’t want to dance in this feminine set?!
9. Listen to a podcast while you do chores
Whether you’re after entertainment or education, there’s a podcast to suit everyone’s interests. Plus, they’re the best thing to distract you from menial chores like laundry or cleaning!
10. Learn to meditate and be zenbon
I’ve vowed for so long to get into meditation regularly and while I haven’t quite mastered the everyday thing, when I do sit down to do it for 10 minutes, the benefits are immediately apparent. Try an app like Headspace.
11. Hit the road, Jack, and don’t look back
Okay, don’t go so far that you’re literally off the grid, but one of my favourite things to do when I’m feeling my stressed is to wind down the windows, turn up the heat (it sounds counter productive but it’s actually amazing, trust me) and blast my favourite 90s tunes as loud as my car speakers will go. I love the drive up to Omaha, an hour north of Auckland. There’s nothing like being at the beach, breathing in the fresh air to help me feel like myself again!
12. Shop up a storm
The new BONDS Mash Up collection has just dropped and I’m obsessed with the clashing prints! Or, pop down to your local Sally’s to trawling racks of vintage finds – it can be incredibly therapeutic and super rewarding when you find a golden egg!
This article was brought you by BONDS Mash Up. Isn’t it time you met your mash? Create your own Mash Up with BONDS’ Hipsters clashing prints, found in your nearest Farmers store or at


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