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17 suspects arrested over Kim Kardashian Paris robbery: What we know so far


Is the Kim Kardashian Paris robbery ordeal over?

Merely days after Kim Kardashian finally broke her long social media silence following her Paris robbery attack in October last year, 17 people have been arrested by French police in connection with the heist.

To recap (even though we totally know you know what happened), the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality TV star and social media queen was shockingly attacked and robbed at gunpoint by thieves in her Paris hotel room on October 3rd, 2016.

For months it seemed like the assailants who stole millions of dollars worth of jewels weren’t going to brought to justice and that we’d never ever see a Kim K Snapchat again, but both of those things have thankfully been resolved.

Here’s what we know about the case so far:

  1. 17 people have been detained as suspects. 3 of the arrested are women and the rest are men. TMZ reports that two of the suspects are diamond dealers.
  2. According to reports, the thieves were caught by police after leaving DNA evidence in the hotel room where Kim was attacked. They also tapped the suspects’ phones prior to arrest.
  3. Security footage has surfaced of 5 of the suspected thieves approaching and leaving her Paris apartment. They arrived at 2:19AM and fled the scene 49 minutes after, TMZ reports.
  4. A TMZ report claims that one of Kim Kardashian’s stolen pieces, a diamond cross necklace worth approximately $45,000, has been recovered. The day after the incident, a passerby found the expensive pendant on the footpath outside Kim’s hotel which the men robbers dropped during their getaway. Police are hopeful the piece contains crucial DNA evidence.
  5. Kim’s insurance claim for the stolen goods is worth $7.9 million, which includes her famous $5.6 million diamond ring, according to TMZ.


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Here’s hoping the attackers are brought to justice ASAP!


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