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39% of millennials’ career choices are influenced by TV shows

Anne Hathaway Miranda Priestly (H)

Does this sound like you?

Who hasn’t watched a TV show or movie and seen a character doing something that looks kinda interesting and thought “hey, I could do that” or more truthfully “that looks cool”?

Well as it turns out, a fair few more of us have taken our career cues from what we’ve seen on screen. In fact a new study shows 39 per cent of our generation have chosen their careers this way, which when you think about it, is a fair few of us.

The study, carried out by Fletcher Solicitors, found that 18 per cent of participants as a whole said television had dictated their choice of job, but millennials were the most influenced.

While it’s nuts to choose your career based on a television character, the data does suggest what we watch is having a bigger impact on our decisions than we’d like to believe.

Ok, we’ll admit we do have an ongoing obsession with Devil Wears Prada, and yep, there was also somewhat of a major moment when Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port interned for Teen Vogue, but us, influenced by glitz and glamour?

Um possibly…

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