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6 signs your nail salon is a hygiene disaster, and what to look for instead

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Don’t let poor hygiene and health hazards derail your pamper session.

Celebrity nail artist Leah Light gets real on what to look for when choosing a safe and reputable nail studio.

Good signs 

  1.  A spotless salon with clean and tidy surfaces
  2. Proudly displayed certificates of training for all staff working on clients
  3.  A good social media library that showcases work from all the staff
  4. Stylists who spend time talking with you about what you need and want.
  5.  Products designed to protect and grow the natural nail are used. We put an emphasis on great-quality products and education on what you can do at home to grow amazing natural nails — the long game is our focus!

Red flags

  1.  A dusty and unclean salon
  2. The reusing of nail files without removing filings and disinfecting after each use. We have new disposable files for each client
  3. The clipping of cuticles. Cutting living tissue such as the cuticle qualifies as minor surgery and is illegal in many countries
  4. Use of electric files on the natural nail or to remove gel polish
  5. Pedicure stations with whirlpool pumps. Pedi pumps cannot be cleaned properly, raising the risk of infection
  6. Extremely cheap services on offer — if it looks too good to be true, it probably is
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