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7 ways to stick to your eco-resolutions

Because sometimes, sticking to a plan is the most challenging part after setting a goal. Here's how to keep you motivated on your sustainability journey.
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With many of us wanting to lessen our impact on the environment, what better time to pick one or two eco resolutions than now? After all, every little bit counts. 

However, don’t fret if you’ve struggled to set eco-goals and stick to them in the past. Ethique founder, scientist, and social entrepreneur Brianne West offers seven simple tips to help you stick to your sustainability goals in 2022.

1. Go slow 

Rest assured, for those embarking on a sustainability journey, you don’t need to make any drastic lifestyle changes. Vague goals can make it difficult to measure your success — this doesn’t help when you’re trying to stay motivated. 

Focus on one or two achievable eco-goals at a time. The more specific they can be, the better. 

Below are some simple ideas to shift your mindset and daily habits: 

  • Stop buying stuff you don’t need (we know, it’s easier said than done)
  • Buy naked (unwrapped) fruit and veggies
  • Compost your food scraps 
  • Shop second-hand clothes rather than buying new
  • Give up the plastic water bottle 
  • Invest in reusable menstrual products
  • Switch to a reusable, non-plastic razor
  • Swap your toiletries for solid Ethique beauty bars

2. Put a plan in place and set up reminders. 

Studies show that it only takes 30 days to build a habit, so why not use this to your advantage? 

Set up a phone reminder, handwritten note, or physically place items in strategic locations to ensure you don’t forget them. Every little bit will help you stick to your goal.

3. Find an eco-resolution buddy for support

Having someone to lean on for advice, motivation, or support is a great way to keep yourself on track. But don’t worry if you waver from your goals — nobody is perfect.  

The Ethique beauty bar range.

4. Make it fun

Being more conscious of your impact on the planet doesn’t mean your resolutions have to be boring or a drag. Rethink your goals so they are first and foremost activities you will find fun and rewarding. Support locally grown produce by visiting the weekend markets with a friend, save the money you would usually put towards unnecessary stuff on something special, or blast some music while you’re setting up your compost. 

5. Track your progress

Journal, keep a note on your phone, cross off days on a calendar – whatever works for you and your goals. 

Keeping track of how you’re doing will help you feel motivated and, most importantly, show you how far you’ve come and any areas you can improve on.

6. It’s not about being perfect

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to a low-impact lifestyle. You really do have to find the solution that works best for you.

Becoming more conscious of your day-to-day life and making simple, small changes to impact the planet positively is key. After all, our small acts make a difference collectively. 

7. Renew your motivation

If you find yourself slipping back into old habits that don’t feel great or align with the goals you initially set up, that’s totally okay. Take it as an opportunity to renew your goals and motivations.



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