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9 signs you’re NOT in a relationship

Booty Call - Girl waiting for text

He’s not your boyfriend, you’re his booty call.

Cheers, thanks a lot Tinder. Thanks for accelerating the hook-up culture we now call everyday dating life. In this age of social media, dating sites and apps, it’s never been harder to decipher if the guy you’re messaging is in it for the long run or just for a homerun.
Booty Call Gif
And did you know there is a now a legit term for a guy who sleeps around and has no intention of having a relationship? Yep, “Fuckboy” is now the name to call these players. Seriously; you know it’s a thing when Vanity Fair says it is.
So with booty calls just a swipe away (and maybe one or two emojis), it’s time to recognise that guy who just wants to be friends with benefits. Scratch that: he just wants the benefits. Spot these signs and if you’re not cool with this arrangement then it’s time say sayonara to Fuckboy and Shut. It. Down.
1. You don’t meet up in public
You have never been on a date with this guy but you know the inside of his bedroom like the back of your hand.
2. You haven’t met his friends
You haven’t properly met his flatmates either, if you think about it… unless running past the lounge to reach the front door and awkwardly waving at them counts? FYI it doesn’t.
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3. You don’t know what he looks like in daylight
Is he vampire? Will he go all sparkly in the sun like Edward Cullen? You have no fricken’ idea because you only see him at night.
4. “Wanna fuck?” is how he starts txt convos
He couldn’t give a crap how your day was or if you’re feeling better after your bout of the flu. He only wants to know one thing: DTF?
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5. You’ve just had sex and he’s calling you an Uber
Who said chivalry was dead, amiright?! In all seriousness, if he wants you gone ASAP, you were only there for one thing…
6. There is no kissing or cuddling
These are sure-fire signs of love, if they aren’t there then this is all about lust.
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7. If you see him out, he ignores you
If he was in it for the long haul then he would make the effort to come up to you and say hi. He would want people to know he was lucky enough to know you.
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8. There’s no talk of next week let alone next year
The future is some imaginary grey space that neither of you talk about. Its fine, you don’t really need to make New Year’s plans any time soon…
9. He has told you he is not looking for anything serious, just something casual
This isn’t just a sign, this is a fricken’ fireworks display with sirens and streamers.  He has specifically told you he doesn’t want a relationship so don’t take this as a challenge to change his mind.
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