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9 ways your turtleneck is ruining your life


Can we not be stylish AND warm?!

1. Over-heating is inevitable
I can’t take it off because I have a crappy singlet underneath that shouldn’t be seen in public. So I’ll just going to sweat to death, thanks.


2. Not a friend of make-up
A good half an hour lining my lips and expertly applying lipstick only to be smudged in 5 seconds flat. Cool.


3. Enemy of good hair days
A good hour expertly curling hair to #Iwokeuplikethis perfection only for it to turn into a frizz ball once I pull my turtleneck over my head. Awesome.


4. It’s a fine line between sleek and frumpy
And is it a trend boys get or am I just reminding them of their great aunt Mildred?


5. You may look like a Wiggle
And one never wants to look like a Wiggle.


6. Accessories nightmare
Good luck wearing JLo hoops and not getting them caught in your rollneck!


7. How the hell do I style it?!
Do I fold it down of let it hang loose?

8. Shelf-boob is a real issue
I don’t think I am normally a messy eater so how come there are crumbs all across my chest?!


9. It’s too tight and I’m pretty much choking
I’m not Ana and this isn’t Fifty Shades.



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