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Adele forgot her own lyrics and her reaction is LOL

Adele forgot the lyrics to her own song and her reaction is LOL

Just another reason to love her!
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If you can’t laugh at yourself… well, who can you laugh at?

That’s certainly the case when you’re superstar musician Adele and you forget your own lyrics (that you’ve written) in front of a crowd of thousands!

Adele performing on stage

During a performance in Lisbon, Portugal, the ‘Hello’ singer fumbled through the opening lines to ‘A Million Years Ago’ from her 25 album, singing the verse instead of the chorus.

But Adele being Adele, she handled the incident like a pro – stopping the song to laugh with her fans but not before dropping a few expletives. Just another reason to love her!

It’s not the first time her mind has gone blank mid-song; she had a similar incident in Copenhagen, Denmark earlier this year while blasting out hit anthem ‘Rolling in the Deep’:

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