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Georgia Wilshire

An update: Georgia Wilshire’s Make It Happen journey

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When we last spoke to Georgia Wilshire, the fresh faced foodie had just begun her journey with Maybelline Make it Happen. Two months on, this 16 year-old is well on her way to starting her own business in the nutrition industry, and with the advice of some of New Zealand’s best health experts she’s sure to Make It Happen!

Awesome mentoring session with @art_green !! Feeling super motivated to get things going with my career ☺️🌟🌵#makeithappennz

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To recap:
• Over the last couple of months Georgia has met with three of New Zealand’s top food gurus. Their tips have helped Georgia to begin crafting her own business and although still in its early stages, this business will be one to keep an eye out for!
• Georgia met with Sarah Worthington from The Vital Bowl who encouraged her to harness everything that social media can offer her business. Sarah says social media is the best way to make a business grow and can always be done on-the-go.
• Olivia Scott from The Raw Kitchen shared her biggest philosophy that you should always do a job you love. Scott believes that if you’re waking up in the morning happy to go to work, then your business will flourish.
• Last but not least, Nadia Lim, arguably one of New Zealand’s top chefs, shared her views on nutritionists and how her relationship with them has helped her business.


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