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Beauty blogger tests out some weird AF primers!

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Repeat after me: lube is not a primer.

Vlogger Huda Beauty digs around the kitchen and bathroom and tests out a bunch of products she reckons could be used as a makeup primer. Let’s call it a makeup tutorial, with a difference.

Ok, so maybe we’d be down with olive oil, that seems sort of harmless enough. But when the beauty blogger goes as far as to suggest lube  – back the freaking truck right up.

That’s a line we’re not going to cross but, hey we don’t have to, Huda’s done it for us.

And the vlogger’s lube of choice? K-Y Jelly.

“It’s actually quite similar to a lot of the silicon based primers you might see out there. It does have glycerine in there.”

“I’m going to start first with the K-Y lubricant and I’m putting it on one side of my face.” She squirts the lube onto her fingers and then rubs it on. “It feels soothing but not very hydrating. Definitely feels like it’s water based. It’s going to be great for oily type skin.”

Huda tests out lube as a primer. Photo: Youtube
Huda tests out lube as a primer. Photo: Youtube

As it turns out the product isn’t all bad and Huda doesn’t hate the way it makes her skin feel.

But, after makeup is applied the lube starts getting clumpy and just peels off.

Huda’s not impressed: “there’s like these little pieces. It almost looks like dead skin. This is not good.”

So, that would be a no then. Ok thanks, we won’t be trying this at home anytime soon.

Photo: Screenshot YouTube


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