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Jennifer Aniston Memes

The best memes that throw shade at Brangelina divorce

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Not that she even gives a shit… But maybe just a little. 😏 RIP Brangelina

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As the news of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s impending divorce reverberates all over the globe, the world reacts in the only way we know how: we meme it.

Hey, it’s 2016 people, what did you expect?
Jennifer Aniston, who was married to Brad before Angelina, is the subject of most of the memes, and her 10 seasons on hit TV show Friends is proving to be a GIF goldmine.
Brad famously ended his marriage to Jen in 2005 after meeting Ange on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith in a true OMFG moment that still gets people all worked up. A line was drawn in the sand that day and you were either firmly on #TeamJen or #TeamAnge.
Well, Team Jen are definitely reveling in the news today, with the outpouring of support on social media prompting some news media to dub it ‘Jennifer Aniston Meme Day’.
We just gotta say: girlfriend been waiting 12 years for this. At least she knows the internet has got her back.

I do feel better actually 🙂 #teamsingle #imsingle #notthatbad #brangelina #donezos #meh

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Dying. 😂 👋 #brangelina

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Damn Ma 🔥 (@bumble)

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People got no chill #brangelina #jenniferaniston #whatgoesarouncomesaround

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You can’t argue that Brangelina had chemistry ins spades. Here’s their best moments:

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