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Sustainable products to add to your shopping list

Sustainable shopping list 101: These are the everyday eco products our editors love

Now that you’re well versed in reusable coffee cups and water flasks, allow the Miss FQ editors to introduce you to even more sustainable solutions to make each day a little more eco.

Whether beauty products, food storage solutions or general life hacks, they will result in a lifetime of use and should be added to your shopping list, pronto.
Scroll for the eco products that the Miss FQ editors love: 


1. Love Beauty and Planet range

The Love Beauty and Planet range is taking conscious beauty mainstream – their bottles (but not their caps… yet!) are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. And it doesn’t stop at the bottles either. Formulated with organic and ethically sourced ingredients and scents,  plus fast-rinse conditioner technology (oh hi, less water running in the shower), they’re helping you make small steps every day to reduce your carbon footprint.
Shop: Love Beauty and Planet is available from Countdown, New World, Pak n Save, Farmers and other selected stores nationwide.

2. Food huggers

We all know a little goes a long way – and pesky pieces of clingfilm and food waste are no exception. No one likes to open their fridge to see yesterday’s tomato, onion or apple leftovers completely withered away and wasted. Simple solutions to eliminate waste – such as these silicone food huggers which help seal your leftover produce – are a game-changer in the kitchen (and not to mention, will keep it fresher for longer, too).
Shop: Food Huggers, $25 from Seed & Sprout

3. Stainless steel razors

Enjoy smoother than smooth silky pins without the plastic. Introducing the all-metal, stainless steel shaver: durable, attractive, and not disposable. This is the last razor you’ll ever have to buy.
Shop: Albatross Double Edge safety razor, $33 from Natural Things.

4. Natural deodorant

Natural deodorants are everywhere. But natural deodorants that actually work? Not so much. Then we discovered Ever Kind. Formulated using only organic ingredients, this easy to use formula with a compostable cardboard eco tube (even the label can be removed and recycled with your plastics) is a win-win. Say goodbye to pesky brands brimming with chemicals in plastic pottles and say hello to your pits’ new best friend.
Think about how many plastic deodorant tubes you’ve bought over the past year and times that by however many more years you intend on living… It’s a lot, right?
Shop: Ever Kind certified organic natural deodorant, $30 from Oh Natural.

5. Travel utensils

There’s no doubt about it, being eco-active requires preparation, patience and organisation. Sometimes we have a good thing going and then, as soon as we leave the house, convenience comes at the cost of plastic water bottles, plastic straws, cutlery, you name it. If you’re on the go and not in a position to dine in, you only have to buy this wee travel utensil pouch once and it will save you a world of thoughtless single-use plastic consumption. The fact that it’s totally chic is just a bonus.
Shop: Travel Utensils Pouch, $41 from Seed & Sprout

6. Menstrual cups

At first it takes some time to get your head around using a menstrual cup – it’s a totally bizarre concept. But until you give it a go and master the menstrual cup maneuver, you’ll see just how wasteful, inefficient and well, regimental traditional tampons and pads really are. With a reusable menstrual cup, we’re talking 12 hours of carefree bliss sans leakage, plus the extra $ you’ll find yourself with not having to buy feminine hygiene products each month (which you can then spend on, well, chocolate obviously).
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7. Produce bags

There are market bags and there are market bags, but have you heard of produce bags? They’re the totally cool uber-chic cousin helping you to group and separate your fruit and veges. With a small woven netting, it will not only make shopping easier, but transporting your apples and oranges to work will be a dream. Leave it on your desk and set an example, sis!
Shop: Organic produce bags (set of 2), $13 from Paper Plane Store.

8. Stainless steel lunchboxes

It’s time to make your lunches mindfully. Gone are the days where you’d spoon your leftovers into a plastic container that would crack and split, emptying the contents of your tuna salad into your handbag (yuck!). Designed for fussy kids and discerning adults, the stainless steel lunchbox features easy-to-clean, flip-top compartments for separating your snacks, salads, sandwiches and sauces. Plus they’re so cute and stylish you’ll want to be way more conscious about which foods make the cut.
Shop: CrunchBox + Pots, $104 from Seed & Sprout.

9. Vegan food wraps

Love the concept of beeswax wraps but not so fond of the fact that they come from bees? Made from organic cotton, New Zealand manuka oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil, Munch has introduced vegan food wraps that contain antibacterial and antifungal properties which offer a plastic-free and vegan alternative to plastic wrap. Ethically made here in New Zealand by local mums, they’re a natural way to keep your food fresher that also does good for the community in the process.
Shop: Organic vegan food wraps, $25 from Munch.

10. Stainless steel pegs

Now, we know how much you love doing laundry (not) but hear us out. These pegs will make you *actually* love laundry. No more sheets flying off the balustrade or socks doing a disappearing act on you from the clothes airer – these pegs are the real deal. They’re cute, grippy AF, don’t damage your clothes or rust! And unlike plastic pegs which snap or get stomped on pretty much every time you hang up a load of laundry, they’ll last the distance. Go on, make laundry fun again by investing in a wee bag of these bad boys.
Shop: Stainless steel pegs, $23 from The Natural Co.

Words: Terri Dunn
Photos: Supplied

This article was brought to you in partnership with Love Beauty and Planet. Love Beauty and Planet is priced from $9.99-$14.99 and available from Countdown, New World, Pak n Save, Farmers and other selected stores nationwide.


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