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Book club: 5 books all badass babes should read in 2017


Books for, by, and about badass babes

The most buzzed about book
The Girls by Emma Cline (Vintage Publishing), $36.99. A story of seduction, obsession and control, this debut novel set in 1967 California reimagines the events of the notorious Charles Manson murders through the eyes of his female followers. Three words: believe the hype.
The self-help book
Feminist Fight Club: An Office Survival Manual (for a Sexist Workplace) by Jessica Bennett (Penguin Books), $38.99. Sick of dealing with male colleagues who can’t stop ‘manterrupting’ or ‘bro-ppropriating’ your ideas? Unconscious gender-bias get you all fired up? Then Jessica Bennet’s guide to battling workplace sexism is for you. And yes, in case you were wondering, the first rule of Feminist Fight Club is that you must talk about Feminist Fight Club.
The classic
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte (Vintage Publishing), $19.95. When Jane Eyre finds out what the guy she’s been hooking up with has hiding in his attic, it kind of puts our 21st century #fuckboi problems into perspective. Does she metaphorically delete his number? Hells no. Does she pick up when he metaphorically drunk dials her? Pull this classic out of the box labelled ‘Year 12 English books I never got around to reading’ and find out.
The beach read
American Babe: A White Girl Problems Book by Babe Walker (Simon & Schuster), $32.95. The third instalment in this satirical series sees our unhinged heroine abandon the Chateau Marmont in an attempt to connect with her estranged family in Maryland. Confronted by next-level basicness and unable to deal, Babe’s diabolical behaviour serves only to reinforce that there’s a little bit of her in all of us.
The autobiography
The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer (HarperCollins Publishers), $29.99. We fangirl so hard for Amy Schumer that she could’ve written Donald Trump’s campaign speeches and we would’ve dished out the celebration emojis. Thankfully, she was a little busy putting together this collection of personal essays, which means our praise hands are going somewhere more worthy.

Words: Phoebe Watt
This article was first published in the launch issue of Miss FQ magazine.
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