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How to set up a bright WFH workspace

Three friends of FQC refreshed their workspace for the new year while trying out Logitech’s favourite WFH essentials — here’s what they loved. 

Customise your work from home set up with a pop of colour with Logitech's colourful additions.

Georgia Bramley

Art Director of Fashion Quarterly

I’ve always welcomed change as a way to spark new ideas and inspire creativity so I was excited to be given the opportunity to try the new Logitech WFH essentials. WFH has become my new norm so what better way to refresh the workstation than a splash of colour that’s also brought with it new innovative ways of working. Logitech sent me the new blueberry colourway for the K380 Keyboard & Pebble Mouse, as well as the Zone Vibe 100 Headset & Brio 500 Webcam in rose. Not only do the products look good but it turns out they have a lot of added benefits to boot that might just convince you to make the switch too. 

Since my workstation is in my bedroom, a standout for me has been the  the K380 Keyboard and Pebble mouse. The Keyboard can be synced with three devices simultaneously, it just takes one tap of a button to switch from an email on my desktop, to replying to a text on my iPhone.

Compared to my old mouse, the silent clicking and scrolling on the Pebble Mouse has been warmly welcomed by my boyfriend for late night deadlines that no longer interrupt his slumber. 

I’ve also found the Brio 500 Webcam offers so much more than the built in iMac webcam. The high-resolution camera gets the colours and light perfect every time and with its audio light correction plus auto-framing, the focus follows me to get up and move around so I’m no longer chained to my desk for those back-to-back Zoom meetings.  

Made with 25% post-consumer recycled plastic, the wireless Zone Vibe 100 Headphones has up to 18-hours of battery life and if they die, I can plug them in for 5 minutes to get up to an hour more of listening time. They’re light, versatile and come with a built-in microphone that takes me seamlessly from video editing to calls with the added benefit of a noise cancelling mic.

If you’re looking to get more out of your tech and add a bit of colour to your workspace then Logitech could be the solution for you.

Sam Mercado


As 2022 closes in, it’s surreal to think how much our work and school environments have evolved to become increasingly digitised, following years of lockdowns and endless Zoom calls. I recently had the pleasure of elevating my home study to include Logitech’s suite of work from home essentials, which has truly changed the WFH game. 

Besides its gorgeous lavender hues, I love the K380 Keyboard’s ultra sleek and versatile body which allows me to easily transition from my home set up to work. And since it’s universally compatible it makes for seamless transitioning in between my work and personal computers. I’m also a big fan of working from cafes, so I can just as easily pop the keyboard and Pebble Mouse in my handbag and I’m all set for my day ahead (there’s just something about having continuous access to caffeine and cabinet treats that makes me more productive!)  

I’ve also been loving the Zone Vibe 100 Headset and have been living in them at home as it delivers immersive audio perfect for work and play. For work, I couple the headset with the Brio 500 Webcam which in tandem creates crystal clear feedback making communicating via video conference so much easier. In my down time though, I love watching music videos with headset on as it creates well-balanced sound profiles making listening to music even more enjoyable.  

Overall, I think changing up my space has inspired me to get even more out of my work day. Logitech’s range of tech accessories make seemingly ordinary tasks more intuitive, productive and certainly makes my space a sight for sore eyes.

Amberley Colby

Student and Model 

For the last couple of years, I (like everybody) have been doing a lot of work from the comfort of my home office or living room. While adjusting to this ‘new normal’ and being confined to my tiny Macbook Air, one of the things that has helped me work from home most efficiently was the addition of a separate keyboard and mouse to my setup. 

I was recently given the opportunity to try Logitech’s ever popular K380 Keyboard and Pebble Mouse, and new Zone Vibe 100 headset. All the products are wireless and pair seamlessly to my laptop, creating a fuss-free tidy space. I tried the super minimal sand colourway in the keyboard and mouse, and rose in the headset, which proved very complementary with my existing set up (not to mention my dried flowers!). 

The K380 Keyboard’s lightweight, quiet-touch quality makes it super portable and perfect for use in just about any space, especially when paired with the Pebble Mouse. Fellow Mac laptop owners can likely understand how inefficient the built-in Mac trackpad can be at times when performing functions such as a right click, and the Pebble Mouse does away with this stress entirely. I can take my laptop, keyboard, mouse and headset with me to the library and a café when I feel like getting out of the house for a bit, and they all fit perfectly in a chic little tote bag without weighing me down. 

As a massive headphone user, I definitely prioritise comfort and battery life when it comes to headphones, but the fact that the Zone Vibe 100 Headset is the cutest shade of pink is another strong selling point. Portable, lightweight, and with up to 18-hours of battery life, you can catch me everywhere wearing these. 

All in all, whether you want to do away with wires or simply liven up your space – I would definitely recommend the K380 Keyboard, Pebble Mouse and Zone Vibe 100 Headset.


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