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Find out which career path might suit you best based on your personality, interests & talents

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Stumped about what career path you should take? This fun quiz might be a good place to start.

When it comes to deciding a career pathway, it can be a complete minefield. What you love to do in your free time could take you in one direction, but what you’re actually good at (and what your personality traits naturally lend to) might take you somewhere else.

While we wouldn’t profess to have all the answers— the only person who can definitively say what you should do, is you— this fun quiz has been put together with the help of King’s College, who have helped their fair share of students move into a variety of careers over the years, from elite sports people to politicians to entrepreneurs, and everything in between.

Answering a variety of questions will give us some insight into what your interests, personality and talents are—and will in turn give you a few ideas (both the well-trodden as well as a few unexpected) of where you might want to direct your efforts with your school selection, your subject selection and your university choice.


This quiz is brought to you in partnership with King’s College. To find out more about the college, visit

Please note this quiz is for the purpose of entertainment only. Before making any significant decisions relating to your career or schooling, it would be best to consult a King’s College careers counsellor or other teaching professional for advice.


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