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Want to make an impact? Causes that require your time, not your money

We’ve all been there. You’re walking down the street minding your own business when the distinctive jingle of coins in a plastic bucket suddenly catches your attention.

You scramble through your purse, desperately searching for any cash that may be hiding somewhere, yet knowing that all you will find in the bottom of your bag is a ball of fluff, a gum wrapper and a few bobby pins. In reality, the majority of us don’t have the funds to support the causes we truly care about.
While you may not have any dough to donate, you may have something just as valuable; time. There are plenty of incredible organisations who require volunteers to donate their time to help them achieve their charitable goals.
Here are some amazing causes that are always looking for more volunteers:

Camp Quality

Camp Quality is an entirely voluntary organisation that provides camps for children living with cancer. All they require from their volunteers is one week of their time during the summer break and in return, CQ provides the accommodation, food (seven meals a day!) and fun. Companions are matched to a child that they spend the week with, all of whom are in remission or siblings of affected children. So if you’re a fun-loving responsible adult who would love to get involved – and save yourself a week of food shopping – visit their website here.

Blood, sweat & tears (but mostly just blood)

The New Zealand Blood Service is in desperate need of O-Negative blood donors as their supplies are “down to the last few drops”. That is not to say that if you have a different blood type, they don’t need your donation! It’s true that blood saves lives; from Oncology wards to Intensive Care units, every drop is a valuable resource. If you would like to donate, visit their website here to see if you’re eligible.

Eat My Lunch

You’ve heard how Eat My Lunch is changing lives one lunch at a time, but did you know that you don’t have to buy lunch to get involved? Every morning, a group of dedicated volunteers prepare the donated lunches at EML’s headquarters in Newton, Auckland. Last week they achieved their goal of giving one million lunches to Kiwi kids! You can sign up to volunteer here  – but make sure you get in quick as there is a waiting list.

Hungry eyes

Two organisations that provide support to those in need are the Salvation Army and the Auckland City Mission. Both are wonderful organisations that are always looking for more volunteers. More than just feeding hungry stomachs, The Sallies and City Mission undertake a number of incredible activities all in the name of helping those who need it the most. To find out more, visit their websites: Auckland City Mission  |  Salvation Army

Puppies! Kittens!

Do you love puppies and kittens? Was that a ridiculously rhetorical question? You can become a Puppy Raiser with the Blind Foundation or lend a hand to The SPCA by fostering kittens. Both require a serious commitment of time, energy and love but will reward your soul with furry kisses! Find out more about the Blind Foundation here and the SPCA here.

Everything else

If none of the above causes fit with your lifestyle check out to find a volunteer role that suits you!

Words: Courtney Smith
Photos: Supplied, Getty Images


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