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These are the wardrobe staples celebs can’t live without – and chances are you probably own most of them

Do you share the same wardrobe staples as Kim Kardashian West or Gigi Hadid?

When it comes to our favourite celebrities, there’s no denying they (most of the time) put their most fashionable foot forward.

You might argue having the most current, fresh and faultless wardrobe on rotation is easy when you have a bank balance  , but the likes of Kendall Jenner, Rihanna and Chrissy Teigen have it on lock and nail it time and time again, leaving the rest of us envious and desperate to replicate and make the look our own.

But amongst all these stylish ensembles, your favourite celebs also have a few repeat offenders that continue to be worked into their new looks – and most likely, you’ll have a few of them tucked away in your wardrobe too.

Read on to find out what wardrobe staples your favourite celebrities can’t live without and for the ultimate style inspo in wearing them yourself:


Sunglasses are the ultimate statement piece and variations of these eye-catching shades are dominating in the world of accessories. Worn to complete the look, sunglasses are a go-to for celebs when it comes to sealing their ensemble and stepping out in style (also doesn’t hurt they are work well as hater-blockers too!)

Black boots

The little black boot is not so little in the fashion world, because they’re the staple that never fails to deliver on style. The shoe to turn to in order to elevate an outfit from scruffy to chic, this instant game-changer comes in many styles and our favourite celebrities love to embrace them all. From the structured boot, to the square-toe, this trans-seasonal piece is constantly incorporated into your favourite stars’ outfits, and we’re not at all puzzled as to why.

Graphic tees

Graphic, printed and embroidered tees are worn by celebs on the daily and they’re also no stranger to our own wardrobes. The statement tee never fails to bring a pop of colour and excitement to an outfit, taking a minimalist ensemble to something way more fun in an instant. Worn by our fave celebs as an off duty look, the graphic tee is a universal essential.

Oversized jackets

Oversized blazers and jackets are a must in every on-trend celebrity’s wardrobe as they quite literally add a layer of cool to an outfit, being both edgy and stylish at the same time. Worn with a pair of jeans, or matched with a dress and sneakers, this is a staple that no trendsetter will want to be without, regardless of the weather.

Words: Maxine Fourie
Photos: Getty Images


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