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Chrissy Teigen can’t stop playing Pokémon Go


Chrissy Teigen is literally all of us RN.

Just when you thought this Pokémon Go stuff couldn’t get any crazier Chrissy Teigen has started documenting her own obsession with the augmented reality gaming app on Twitter.

She first piped up asking if she can play the game internationally while she’s on holiday in Italy with her husband, John Legend and daughter, Luna.

Then she wondered if there’s an age limit.

But soon discovered there isn’t one, but that doesn’t mean they don’t ask for your DOB.

She’s also got issues about the world’s obsession and TBH she’s got a point.

And now she’s all of us taking hilarious AF screenshots and sharing them on Twitter because #FOMO.

Still wondering WTF Pokémon Go is? Read our girl guide here.


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