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THIS is the curling iron Victoria’s Secret Angels use to get perfect hair


Guys, we found out Victoria’s ACTUAL secret.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll still be obsessing over the Victoria’s Secret fashion show on December 5th.

It was a beautiful, beautiful day where Kiwi mod Georgia Fowler made her VS runway debut, Kendall Jenner slayed all kind of ways, and Bella Hadid and ex bf The Weeknd had THAT MOMENT.

If you’re also anything like us, you’ll still be watching Youtube tutorials every night trying to figure out how to get dem perfectly effortless, Victoria Secret Angel curls in your hair.

You know the ones – those Blake Lively-esque, soft waterfall-y ringlets that look like you just happened to wake up like this.



Well struggle no more – we have the secret!

Allow us to introduce you to the official tool of the VS Fashion Show – the Beachwaver.


Apparently it’s THE curling iron that celebrity hairstylists swear by if you’re looking for sexy, tousled waves.


In case you’ve never seen the Beachwaver in action, the curling wand is motorized, so all it takes is a single press of a button and you’ve got perfect waves.

You don’t have to worry about uneven curls on one side of your head compared to the other, because this curling iron will give you the same wave every time, making you camera ready for the rest of the day (for all of those selfies)



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