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E! Australia host Ksenija Lukich on being star struck and getting red carpet ready

Girl crush alert!

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Before winning the opportunity to face some of the world’s biggest stars (namely Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Jean Paul-Gaultier, Rose Byrne, Hugh Jackman, Liam Hemsworth, Channing Tatum, and Amy Poehler) Ksenija Lukich worked as an international model for the likes of L’Oreal Paris, Guess, and David Jones.

Miss FQ’s Kelly McAullife caught up with E! Australia Host and all round babe ahead of next week’s 68th Emmy Awards on September 19th to talk about her dream job, why she’s studying journalism and to find out her favourite designers for ensuring she herself is red carpet ready.

Miss FQ: You landed the role as the host of E!’s The Hype around 2 years ago now. How has your life changed since taking centre stage?

Ksenija: It’s gone really quickly. Life has definitely changed completely. I went from producing shows –  fashion shows, modelling shows – to hosting my own show on the biggest entertainment network in the world. So it’s been a pretty amazing change, but pretty spectacular to be honest and something I’ve always wanted.

You kind of had to ‘fight it out’ to win the role didn’t you?

It was a competition and basically I applied, did a little video and landed myself into the top 8 – which I was more than happy with! I was pretty excited to get to that point. We then had a screen test, and there were seven other contestants there including myself. I was there for about 12 hours which was pretty intense. We were doing screen tests, interviews, cue reading, and all the things that I do day to day now, but when you get thrown into it with no experience it’s pretty daunting. Luckily I was taken to the next level. They gave me a call, and let me know that I reserved the [role] and here we are! It’s been amazing.

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Why did you decide to study journalism once you already had a job in the industry?

I thought it was really good for me to have the degree as a way to inform my job day-to-day. I had a Bachelor of Arts before, but in terms of specific journalism skills, I think it’s really important for me to go back and get those skills from a university. It’s been quite amazing because every single subject I’ve done so far has informed everything I do day-to-day at E! so It’s been really helpful.

Wow! That’s so cool that you’re learning about it, and then applying it every day.

Yeah, absolutely! I’ve been learning to edit, so I’m sitting at our production office editing stories and being able to produce and edit content, film content, and set up lights/sound equipment. Those are all things I was doing in my journalism degree. To be able to then go to the shoot with my crew and know exactly what they were doing has actually helped me to do my job better.

If you weren’t working for E! and it was a parallel universe, what job do you think you’d be doing?

Oh gosh! Can I not be in that parallel universe!? I’m so unbelievably happy, this was always what I wanted and I never thought it would be in reach for me. I never thought that I would actually be able to do this job. I remember sitting in the car today and I broke out into a smile because I was so happy. It sounds so cheesy but I am really just so over the moon with this job. I suppose I could do event production, or working in producing, or if I had a better voice I’d be a singer!

Have you ever been star struck?

I wouldn’t say star struck to the point that I couldn’t talk. I was definitely in awe of Angelina Jolie; I met her two months into the role, everything was so new to me. I was really in awe of her grace, poise and professionalism – she’s a superstar. She just oozes A-list. Recently I met my high school crush Zac Efron, so that was pretty exciting. Although the poor guy couldn’t hear what I was saying with thousands of screaming teenagers around me, but it was great! He was a lovely guy, very funny. It’s always funny meeting people that you watch. You kind of idolize them and then you meet them and its fun because you realise that everyone is just a person!

One of my all time favourites 🔫🕵🏼 #MattDamon #JasonBourne

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Do you ever get used to it?

I think you become more day-to-day about  it,  as opposed to five years ago, if I were to have met a celebrity I would have been like ‘omg I met this person!’ But yeah I definitely think it becomes more day to day. Even my fiancé was like ‘oh who are you interviewing today?’ and I was like ‘oh I’ve got Matt Damon and Alicia Vikander’ and he was like ‘that’s pretty cool.’ It just becomes like ‘oh that’s cool’ but still very exciting every time.

So Zac Efron is your celebrity man crush, who is your celebrity girl crush?

I love Jennifer Lawrence, I think she’s adorable. Mila Kunis too, who I think is so sweet and funny. I really like funny girls – and I like funny guys too. Anyone that can make me laugh!

Which celebrity is on your interview bucket list?

Mila Kunis is up there. Ryan Reynolds is up there too, as I think he is very good looking and incredibly handsome. Tina Fey, I met her at the Universal Gold Coast party a couple of years ago but I would love to sit down and have an interview with her as I think she is a comic genius.

You always look stunning on the red carpet. Who are your favourite local and international designers to dress up in?

I love Toni Maticevski who’s an Aussie designer. I absolutely love a bit of Karen Walker as well. Love Camilla and Marc. I wear a lot of Aussie brands here. I’d love to get into more New Zealand designers actually.

Who is the one celebrity, who in your opinion, do you think always gets it right in the style stakes?

I’m going to go with someone like Mila Kunis and Jennifer Lawrence. I think that they always look really chic, sexy,  and they kind of have this girl next door quality to their style which is really accessible but quite glamorous at the same time. I’ve never been someone for over the top dressing. Mila and Jennifer always have that balance between being simple yet chic, and being glamourous and red-carpet ready.

Can you tell me about your routine for getting red carpet ready?

Well, it usually takes a couple of hours! We don’t really tell people that do we?! For a big awards show it’s usually finding a gown a couple of weeks out, that will be working with a stylist. Something for an awards show will be a bit more glamorous, opposed to something like a music event where I’d wear something a little cooler and sexy. I think dressing to the event is very important. On the day, getting hair and makeup ready – glow, lashes, body glitter – all that stuff!

What would be the go to beauty product that you always have to have in your makeup bag that ensures you look flawless in every photo?

That is such a hard question. I think if you don’t have any time,and you really want to just whack something on to make yourself feel fabulous, a bit of lipstick goes a long way. I think like a red lipstick; putting a little bit of liner and a little bit of lipstick will make your makeup look touched up, you know what I mean? I think that if everything else is not as impeccable, but you’ve got a beautiful lip on, you’ll feel fabulous.

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E! will be LIVE from the red carpet on Monday 19 September 10am


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