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Everything you need to know about today’s CRAZY AF supermoon

The THIRD supermoon of 2016 is occurring today, and while they’re astounding to the naked eye, looks can be deceiving. Let’s hope it doesn’t mess with you… too much

Miss FQ caught up with spiritual personal assistant aka PA for your soul, international columnist, #1 best-selling author, and spiritual philanthropist, Emma Mildon to find out how and why supermoons affect our behaviour and emotions.


“Full moon got you tossing and turning at night? Becoming a little touchy, sad face emoji, or ‘OMG I swear I’m hormonal cray-cray’? Good news is it’s totally normal,” tells Emma.

‘Why?’ you ask. Here is some luna news you may not know…

“The magnetic pull of ocean tides is connected to all things moon. Whether the moon affects us as humans (because we’re made up of 70% water, FYI) has been a long standing debate between science geeks and spiritual peeps. This water bound ‘lunatic’ is one of the oldest of folklore and mythology. It flows through our classic literature, poetry and music – from werewolves to the man in the moon.

“Even today, you could ask police officers, doctors, nurses, even prison guards who would swear that full moons without a doubt make people stir crazy. Some biologists believe this is because our ancestors were most vulnerable in the nights of a full moon, being visible to night predators which could suggest our biological rhythms which are commonly controlled by hormonal changes, which are in part regulated by external stimuli such as light or temperature. Not only on a tidal level is the ocean influenced by the moon, but also follow the lunar cycle of 29.5 days with many marine species spawning on a full moon. It seems nature – be it insects, marine life, or even our restless souls – all stir when the moon pulls our inner water goddess in.”

Interesting… does this mean we can call ourselves mermaids now?!

So, what should you do when a supermoon is in full force? How can you help yourself when you feel like you’re going stir crazy?

“Full moons are a time to reflect, and release. To let go of any stale vibes you have been hanging onto,” says Emma. “So, ditch the ex-hang ups. Any of the guilt trips you have been holding on to. And embrace some reflect and recharge you time over full moons.”

If that’s not a sign to charge your crystals, plug in your headphones, binge watch your favourite TV show and spend some serious R+R time online shopping, we don’t know what is.

I joined Luna forces with @mindbodygreen to hook you up with all things Taurus super moon spiritual life hacks ✨✨ ・・・ SUPERMOON in TAURUS ✨ Hold on tight folks — tomorrow night, the moon will be closer to our planet than it's been since 1948 – and it won't be this close again until 2034. The good news – we'll be feeling the moon + all of its power in a really big way. The not-so-good news – you might be launched into a bit of an emotional clusterf*$k. Since the moon in Taurus is opposite the sun in Scorpio {and Taurus + Scorpio couldn't be more different} this can be a crazy time. But have no fear, your full moon survival kit is here. These 4 tools can help you move through this lunar phase with light + love Sweet Orange Oil — Welcome positivity // Use this mood-boosting scent to ease anxiety in the full moon's shadow Clear Quartz — Repel bad vibes // Place under your pillow to scare off any wild dreams that might appear Forward Fold — Turn your attention inward // This moon can inspire emotional outbursts – use this pose to focus on healing instead of harming Epsom Salt Bath — Pamper + purify // Get ready to feel the toxicity draining from your body {+ spirit} Click the MBG #linkinbio for some favorite ways to harness the supermoon's energy. // #mindbodygram #supermoon

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Emma is the author of the best-selling book, The Soul Searcher’s Handbook, available on sale now and is currently working on her second book set for release in August 2017.

Photos: Emma Mildon, Kenrick Rhys Photography / Feature, Instagram


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