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My favourites: beauty vlogger & MUA Kate Manihera

Favourite perfume? I ♥ Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture
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Favourite perfume?

I ♥ Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many compliments on my perfume since I’ve started wearing it! Its the most incredible scent and I wear it every single day.

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Favourite skincare combo?

The Trilogy Rosehip range – I swear by it! I don’t remember the last time I got a pimple and it keeps my skin super hydrated and glowy.

Favourite thing about New Zealand?

I love that NZ is like a pocket version of the world. We have everything just in smaller sizes – city life, beaches, farmland, mountains etc. It’s a beautiful, beautiful country. As much as I want to travel the world I know that I will always return to settle here some day. We are very lucky to call New Zealand home.

Favourite cocktail?

Mango daiquiri! Currently sipping on one as we speak (I’m on holiday!)

Favourite makeup look?

Matte brown smokey eyes with a pinky nude lip. This is my go-to makeup look for any occasion and I find it so flattering on my complexion.

Favourite fashion trend?

Thick chokers with strapless tops and high waisted denim shorts. My style is sleek and simple. Fun fact: I actually only ever wear black, white, grey and denim!

Favourite website? – I discovered it around 4 years ago and now own every book that Brandon has written too. I love reading the stories; I learn so much from other people’s experiences and its a really humbling experience.

Favourite YouTuber?

Probably Desi Perkins. I’ve been watching her makeup tutorials for years- she is so talented. We also have the exact same humour and I admire her style so much. I’m obsessed with her vlog channel too, her and her husband Steven make the most incredible travel videos from their experiences around the world.

Favourite up-and-comer?

Jessica QuinnLimbitless. If you haven’t heard of her I recommend looking her up. She’s a young cancer survivor from New Zealand and a massive inspiration to me. Her attitude and strength is indescribable!

Favourite Instagram account?

@katemanihera or @katemaniheramua… hahaha just kidding. I’d have to say @animaladdicts! My boyfriend and I send each other little puppy dog photos or videos from there all the time. @marniethedog is also super cute. I guess my favourite accounts are anything animal or makeup related.

Favourite thing about vlogging?

I love that I have a platform to share my passion with like minded people. And I like that it’s something I do for myself, as myself. I think perhaps my favourite thing is that I could potentially use it to help other people, which is my ultimate goal in life.

Favourite smell?

Either my boyfriend (hahaha, maybe leave that one out), or my new I ♥ Juicy Couture perfume. I Love Juicy Couture has become my holy grail scent, and it works for both day and night which I love. I find that it is the perfect mix of sweet and sensual so I can use it for both.

Favourite makeup trick?

Using loose foundation powder underneath your liquid foundation. Sounds crazy but check out Wayne Goss’ YouTube video on it and it will change your life. It provides a flawless base that looks almost airbrushed and also prolongs your makeup wear by hours.

Favourite life hack?

My life hack is to always see the best in others and to treat people with kindness. It takes only patience and a smile to be a nice person. I guess you wouldn’t call this a typical life hack but I think its the best way to live a happy life.

Favourite holiday destination?

Denarau Island in Fiji. I’m actually there right now, soaking up the sun whilst Auckland weather is miserable!

Currently ☺️😌 I love it so much here #fiji

A photo posted by Kate Manihera (@katemanihera) on

Favourite girlboss?

Shaaanxo – I admire her attitude and work ethic so much. She’s one person I’d love to meet one day although I’d probably be way too shy to say anything!

Favourite guilty pleasure?

Chocolateeee. I am so addicted to chocolate that my family have to hide it from me. I’m actually in the middle of a bet with my sister right now- I earn $20 if I go one month without chocolate. 5 days down!

Favourite restaurant?

I visited Masu for the first time recently and am already itching to go back. Its the most amazing Japanese restaurant inside the Sky City Grand hotel, I’ve never been a fan of seafood but fell in love with the soft shell crab and sashimi. Other than that I would have to choose Depot (also on Federal St), White & Wong’s on the viaduct, Mikano at the heliport or Madam Woo in Takapuna.

Favourite show on Netflix?

I’ve just started Orange Is The New Black which is good so far, however I’ve never really been a fan of tv shows but instead prefer documentaries, movies or Youtube videos.

Favourite person you follow on Snapchat?

@dillonfrancis – he is HILARIOUS. He’s a DJ that I saw play at a @wemouve event a few months back. I started following him on Snapchat a few days after and he has since joined the list of under 10 people who’s Snapchat stories I view everyday. I have too many Snapchat friends to load them all, but his stories are comedic genius and completely unmissable!

When he tells u he’s a dog person

A photo posted by Kate Manihera (@katemanihera) on

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