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Your personal gym: Work out anytime, anywhere with these 5 fitness apps you can rely on

We’ve found five of the best fitness apps for squeezing in all of the abs, legs, arms and stretching exercises for you to download RN.

Getting off the couch and dragging yourself to do exercise can be is a chore — whether you’re a fitness beginner or a pro.  Trust us, we get it.

When you’re weighing up fitting in another episode of Sex Education and a block of Whittaker’s creamy milk versus a cardio circuit at your nearest F45 Training Club (which you said you were going to do, uh, yesterday), it’s too easy to give in to those temptations to just melt into the couch and put it off another day.

But, like anything in life, when your fitness routine becomes too repetitive – or just far too hard to get your head around -, it only takes one last squat or one too many skipped PT sessions to put you off your exercise regime for good and kick your #bootygoals out the window.

If that’s your alarm bells ringing, rest assured that this is all too relatable and in order to break through the boredom, we’ve compiled a list of 5 fitness apps you need to download, stat:


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If your goal is to grow your booty one month and tone your thighs the second, buuut you also want an app with the likes of shopping tips, recipes and meal plans, Sweat is the app for you.

With multiple trainers including Australian fitness mogul Kayla Itsines, the app connects you with a trainer and training style that suits you and your lifestyle. It includes power-training, HIIT, post-pregnancy workouts and weights training all in one place, so it’s perfect for dodging boredom and keeping workouts fresh and exciting – yes, please! Oh and there’s a quiz to find the right workout/trainer for you. Everybody loves a quiz.

Find it here.

Six Pack In 30 Days

Want to swap out your six pack of Gordon’s G&T for a different kind of six-pack? Then this app probably sounds like a bit of you right now.

The Six Pack In 30 Days app has a variety of fitness level workouts for the couch potato and the gym junkie. Most of these don’t require equipment either and can be done at home or at the gym leaving little room for those “but, but, but” excuses.

Find it here.

Nike + Training Club

Dragging yourself to do exercise when you don’t want to is definitely a noteworthy achievement in itself, but finding the motivation to keep going and pushing through is an even bigger achievement that’s often out of reach. If you’re on the hunt for a workout full of constant motivation, the Nike Training App offers just that.

By having a mini personal trainer in your ear literally cheering you on, combined with easy videos of how to do one of the hundreds of workouts on offer, having the experts by your side will help you jump back on the #fitspo bandwagon.

Find it here.

Tammy Fit

We’re not going to lie and say that having a body similar to Tammy Hembrow wouldn’t be a total #tragedy; toned legs, a perky derrière and a core more solid than the aforementioned block of Whittaker’s chocolate… Whether you’re guilty or not of Insta-stalking the Australian influencer into oblivion, her millions of followers all have one thing in common; they want the Tammy bod fitness.

Sharing her secrets on health, wellness and nutrition, the Tammy Fit App answers her followers cries for insider knowledge on how to get her bod. Charged either monthly, quarterly or yearly, there’s no denying that this app will get your motivation back up, one squat at a time. Plus, you’re a paying a subscriber and everybody loves an incentive.

Find it here.

My Fitness Pal

If you’re looking for a new workout buddy, look no further than My Fitness Pal. The app, designed to aid toning up, eating healthy, and forming new habits is designed to help you track your progress and any weight loss or gain as a result — depending on what your goal is.

Combining the best of both worlds and monitoring what you’re eating and when you’re exercising, My Fitness Pal encourages healthier habits that lead to a more positive and balanced life by presenting where your nutrients (or lack thereof) are coming from to keep you performing at your best.

Find it here.

Yoga Wake Up

If you’re looking for a more relaxing and calming exercise regime but still want all the benefits of training, Yoga Wake Up is one to download.

With morning yoga exercises that wake you up on a positive note and set you up for your day while feeling #zen, you are motivated to weave in exercise without following a high-intensity programme.

Find it here.

Words: Maxine Fourie
Images: Pinterest, Instagram



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