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Frose's been given the slip. Pink Gin, You're In

Why pink gin is about to knock frosé off its pedestal

Pink gin

In less time than it takes to find the hair flick emoji, millennial pink has waved its wand yet again, delivering an even sweeter sensation to its armament: pink gin.

The gin connoisseurs among us will know that what makes gin taste, well, ‘ginny’, is the flavour derived from the juniper berry blended with an array of botanicals unique to the distillery (they’ll also know that it pairs rather nicely with tonic!).
Gin of the pink variety, however, has some distilleries drawing on the natural sweetness of raspberries, strawberries and the tartness of redcurrant, while others are literally using combinations of rose, grape skin, pomegranate and the like, to achieve its blush tone.
Either way, we’re tickled pink with this addition to summer. While it launched onto the European scene last year, sadly we are yet to see the popular Gordon’s tipple arrive on our shores. In the meantime, you might have to improvise with natural food colouring until it becomes readily available in New Zealand… we’d recommend using pure beet or pure cranberry juice, or dehydrated strawberries or raspberries which you can crush into a powder.
So dust off your highballs and assemble your most ‘grammable garnishes because once this seriously sassy pink gin arrives, you’re going to want to share a pic.

Words: Terri Dunn
Photos: Pinterest


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