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Creep attacks Gigi Hadid at Milan Fashion Week

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A lesson in self-defence!

Just moments after Gigi Hadid left the Max Mara show in Milan on Thursday she was attacked by a guy called Vitalii Sediuk.

Sediuk, who the Daily Mail reports is an ‘internet prankster’, grabbed Gigi from behind and lifted her into the air as she and her sister, Bella were walking to their car.

Showing she’s as fierce IRL as she is on the catwalk, the supermodel came out swinging and gave Sediuk a sharp elbow to the face. YGG!

After he dropped her the fired-up fashionista shouted after him: “Who the f**k are you, you piece of s**t?”

Gigi took to Twitter not long after the incident to defend her actions.

“…I’m a HUMAN BEING — and had EVERY RIGHT to defend myself,” she tweeted. “How dare that idiot thinks he has the right to man-handle a complete stranger. He ran quick tho.”

The avid kickboxer, who has shared videos of her super intense workouts to social media, is encouraging girls to make sure they know some self-defence, so they can fight back if they have to.

“GIRLS, prepare yourselves so that, if you ever feel in danger, MUSCLE MEMORY can fight back for you. Thank you all so much for ur support,” she wrote.

Watch: Gigi Hadid’s attacker posts bizarre video

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In news from the other side of the scuffle, the celebrity prankster defended his actions against Gigi saying it was a saying it was a protest against the fashion industry.

“While I consider Gigi Hadid beautiful, she and her friend Kendall Jenner, have nothing to do with high fashion,” he wrote in an Instagram post.

“By doing this I encourage fashion industry to put true talents on the runway and Vogue covers instead of well-connected cute girls from Instagram. You can call it a manifest or a protest.

“This is also a wake up call for Anna Wintour who turned Vogue into tabloid by putting Kardashians and other doubtful celebrities on a cover of a well-respected magazine”.

Sediuk has previously assaulted other celebrities, including Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Miranda Kerr and Kim Kardashian.


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