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Girl guide: How to make your perfume last all day


Perfume is such a personal thing and it’s often quite an investment to buy a luxurious bottle of the stuff. So when the smell disappears seemingly immediately it’s incredibly disheartening, right? First world problem but we feel ya!

As it turns out, there are some insider secrets to make your fragrance last longer – if not all day. Let’s share, shall we?

Hydrated skin holds perfume better than dry skin, so get moisturising, girl! My current luxury pick is the Oribe Côte d’Azur Restorative Body Crème. But my supermarket fave is the Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Strength Lotion; it’s a steal at $10.99.

Follow a similar rule to your base makeup; moisturise half an hour before applying your foundation. And do the same for perfume. Shower, hydrate and then spritz your Mugler Angel Muse EDP 30 mins later.

In terms of ‘where’, pulse points are totes overrated. Opt for the nape of your neck and into your hair where scents are carried best. As you move around during the day you’ll enjoy more whiffs of the Mugler Angel Muse EDP smell, as opposed to if you just spray your wrists.

Fragrances with woody base notes tend to have better staying power than ones that are citrus-y. Angel Muse has a delectable dose of hazlenut cream and vetiver, a fine woody note which is bound to last long enough for people to notice, comment and compliment. The dream.

This article was brought to you Mugler Angel Muse EDP, on counter at Farmer’s Department Stores from today.

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