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Your cheat sheet to going barefaced at the beach

Going sans makeup actually takes strategic preparation.


Hitting the beach sans makeup  – and we’re not talking ‘no-makeup makeup’ either – takes strategic preparation to achieve radiant skin and highlight your best natural features.

Being barefaced is a liberating feeling many of us rarely get to enjoy. We’re self-conscious about our pesky blemishes and redness, and while layering on the makeup provides us with confidence abound, it’s definitely not compatible in the pool or at the beach.

Check out our tips to bare it all and kick caution to the curb:

How now, strong brows

Ahead of any prolonged holidays, take time to sort your brows out. Be it a trip to the salon or a solid half hour chasing the light with a magnification mirror around the house, keeping them in a good shape and tinted 1-2 shades darker than their natural colour will frame your face and make those cheekbones smolder.

If you’re fortunate enough to be well endowed on the ‘hairy’ front, i.e. they’re nice and thick, keep them perfectly quaffed and fluffy by applying a lick of waterproof clear mascara to set them in place.

Lash it up, ladies

In a similar vein to your brows, making your eyes look luscious and low mainty behind your designer shades comes down to preparation and a potential trip to the salon. Having your eyelashes tinted is an absolute must-do component on your road to going bare-faced, but if you’re looking for even more va-va-voom, more and more options are readily available.

If you’ve got time up your sleeve, there are plenty of lash growth serums that will ensue thicker, curlier and lengthy lashes with noticeable improvements from as early as 3 weeks. Otherwise, do a bit of research into undergoing an eyelash perm if an instant 24/7 curve is more your vibe.

And if all of the above seems all too hard or you’ve simply left it too late, slap on some waterproof mascara and call it a day.


What's in our beach bag


Peaceful sleep = pimple defeat

Arguably the most concerning element of going bare-faced involves achieving a radiant, pristine complexion. Employing a consistent night time regime complete with a cleanser targeting pimple prevention, a soothing, calming toner and a hydrating moisturiser will keep you in good stead on the road to clear skin.

Pimple-targeted cleansers are great at keeping incoming spots at bay. Once cleansed, address pore size with a calming toner before boosting your face with plenty of moisture. Hydrated skin = fresh, glowing skin, so in addition to using a good moisturiser that you know your skin will love, drink plenty of water – especially if you’re spending lots of time in the sun.

Try: Clearasil Ultra Pimples + Marks Wash when it comes to addressing pimples. 

And just when you’ve put in all the prep…

Knock, knock, it’s me – pimple?

Pimples really ought to take out a prize for their unwavering ability to persistently rear their unwelcome head (quite literally) when we least need them. Your high school ball, your 21st birthday, the races, date night or when you need your passport photo retaken, it’s like pimples have a debilitating FOMO for our most crucial life moments where they insist on making a presence. Well not this beach season they’re not.

Don’t let pesky pimples derail your barefaced ambitions by keeping a rapid action pimple cream on hand to downsize, de-red and defeat pimples. That, and wear a really wide-brimmed hat (cause it’s sun smart, duh).

Try: Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Pimple Cream.

Hydration station

Ever seen a mandarin skin left out in the sun? It’s shriveled, wrinkly and lack luster. Don’t be like a mandarin. Drink water. The benefits of keeping hydrated truly are unparalleled. Particularly where achieving plump, glowing skin is concerned. Drinking plenty of water increases your energy, flushes out toxins, improves skin complexion, promotes weight loss, and boosts your immunity – the list goes on. It’s no wonder the magic aqua made our list for barefaced beauty 101.

Finishing touches

Okay, so you’ve nailed groomed brows, full lashes and a gorg complexion, now what?  Slap on a tinted lip balm, smooth over a non-comedogenic sunscreen or tinted moisturiser with SPF, keep plenty of H2O on hand along with your rapid action pimple cream and take barefaced beauty in your stride this summer.

Later, beach! xo

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