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3 self defence tips in case you end up in a Gigi Hadid/Kim Kardashian attacker situation

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So somehow this guy has it in his head that it is fine to attack celebrities!

Vitalii Sediuk, who calls himself a “prankster” keeps attacking celebs – he kissed Will Smith, attacked Brad Pitt, put his face on Leonardo DiCaprio’s crotch, hugged Ciara wearing a thong and last week tried to pick up Gigi at Milan Fashion Week.

And in today’s installment of celebrity attacked he’s jumped on Kim, putting his face on her butt. WTF!


Kim was walking into a restaurant in Paris when Sediuk managed to jump through the crowd.

Did someone say déjà vu? Yeah, this same guy actually jumped on Kim at Paris Fashion Week 2 years ago. Like, take a hint dude, she wants you away from her!

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Apparently the creepy attacker somehow doesn’t think his behavior is assault though…

A couple days ago, Vitalii Sediuk said this on his instagram:
“When Ellen DeGeneres scares the crap out of her star guests on her own show, no one calls it an assault. Even though not many celebrities truly like it. I just don’t see the difference between what Ellen does in a professional studio of Warner Brothers and me on the red-carpets or the streets outside the venue. With the exception, that Ellen Show makes a profit out of it. While for me those pranks remain as a hobby.”

Somehow he thinks it is okay to attack people in the street and touch them without their permission. We call, no freakin’ way!


A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Sediuk has since posted this Instagram, explaining that he was “protesting Kim for using fake butt implant”.

Still not okay!!!

Unfortunately for us, he isn’t the only one person in the world with such a distorted view, and seeing as we can’t all have a security detail with us 24/7, we’ve put together a few simple self defence tips for you to have on hand in case you find yourself in an unsafe situation:

1. Be loud and push them away

As soon as someone touches you that you can’t immediately get away from, shout “Back off” at them. This has the dual effect of letting them know you aren’t okay with them touching you (and maybe giving them a fright) and alerting everyone in the area to the fact that you need help. Pushing them away is another incentive for them to leave you alone and might get them at a distance from you, hopefully long enough for you to get away from them.

2. Know where to hit

If a push and a yell doesn’t work, you are going to want to know where to hit them if you need to get rid of them. The idea is to cause them pain so they let you go. Don’t be shy; this is self-defence and you can either hurt them or be hurt at this stage. Go for eyes, nose, ears, neck, groin, knee, and legs. Think Gigi’s swift elbow jab. Go girl!

3. Run away

It isn’t going to hurt to GTFO. Run to your car, run to your house, or run to a crowded space. Your goal is safety, so get away from the danger as soon as possible.

Gigi’s case was a perfect example of self-defence done right, and Kim’s was a perfect swift escape. It is however in everyone’s best interest to take a self-defence class, coz y’ never know where creeps could be lurking. Also, maybe spiked clothing à la Valentino could be practical addition to your wardrobe, as well as fashionable. Just sayin’…


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