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Guys prefer women at this age

men like younger women

Apparently this is when we’re most attractive. Great.

In the latest what-do-guys-really-want news, OkCupid data found that men find women aged 20 to be most attractive, no matter how old they get.
OkCupid co-founder Christian Rudder used the data he had from OkCupid users and found that men prefer 20-year-old women almost exclusively from the age of 20 all the way up until they are 50 years old. Oh, and there are some 21-24 year olds in there too.
Comparatively, women tend to prefer older men up until the age of 29, which is when they tend to like men who are the same age or slightly younger than they are.
Then, at age 40, women start to look for men who are younger than they are.
“Another way to put this focus on youth is that males’ expectations never grow up,” Christian Rudder wrote on the findings. “A 50-year-old man’s idea of what’s hot is roughly the same as a college kid’s.”
Let’s all pretend this is just a case of evolution at work. It’s totally because women are seen as most fertile aged 20 and we’re attracted to older men with potentially stronger sperm.

Source: COSMO Australia


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