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Miss FQ hair how-to: Kristin Cavallari’s dramatic ponytail from the Grammys


Seeking a dialled up, super glam ponytail to show off your length? Take inspiration from Kristin Cavallari’s dramatic ‘do from the Grammy Awards, plus we show you how to create it with ease from home.

The real hair-o here is the Silver Bullet EasyCurl 32mm Curling Iron. The 90-degree design is ergonomic and balanced to reduce arm and shoulder strain allowing you to curl hair in a more comfortable, relaxed, arm-down position. The digital heat display allows you to see exactly what temperature you are using (so you know you’re using the right one for your hair type!) while the ceramic/ionic barrel ensures gloriously smooth curls by locking in moisture for added shine and softness.

What you’ll need:

  • Silver Bullet EasyCurl Curling Iron
  • R+CO Rockaway Salt Spray
  • R+CO Sail Soft Waves Spray
  • Brushworx Teasing Brush
  • Mia TonyTail Tie


The step-by-step guide to achieving Kristin Cavallari’s dramatic ponytail

1. Apply R+CO Rockaway Salt Spray into dry hair to add texture and separation.

2. Sweep hair up into high pony at crown level.

3. Taking desired sized sections wrap around the barrel of Silver Bullet EasyCurl, leaving the ends out.

EXPERT TIP: If you want extra volume, use clip-in extensions. Plus, clip them in upside down so they work with you – not against you – when sweeping into a ponytail


4. Allow hair to cool and then brush out using the Brushworxs Oval Cushion brush.

5. Then, go back and tease the ponytail at the root for maximum height at the crown.

6. Finish with R+CO Sail Soft Waves Spray to create additional texture and separation.


Images: Getty Images and Supplied
Stylist: Damian Jones, Silver Bullet Style Director

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