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Revealed: The handy makeup trick Bella Hadid uses to instantly look more awake

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Once again, Bella Hadid is totally on our level

Bella understands that not everyone has time for a 40 minute makeup application. We totally appreciate girls and boys who put in the effort to look oh-so on fleek, but sometimes all we need on a daily basis is a quick routine that helps us look alive so we can semi face the world.

In this quick tutorial video, Bella shows us how she nails the no-makeup makeup look, especially when she’s jet lagged.

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So how does she do it?

First things first: Tackling the dark under eye circles! The secret is in the concealer – and the beauty blender of course! Using Dior skin Star Concealer, Bella strokes the wand under her eyes, then using the ‘must have’ Beauty blender to blend it all in.

The thing we love most about Bella’s tutorial is that there is no exact way of doing things. Her hot tip? “You just, like, wing it. Put it everywhere”.

Next we move on to the contour. Bella uses a contour stick “for a little definition,” she says. First, drawing a line along the bottom of her cheekbones and then underneath her chin.

Moving right along to the highlighter, a quick brow fill in, and mascara (applying an eyelash lengthening primer beforehand for best results).

The next step is the one we all have to try. Bella puts a shimmering gold eye shadow (from the Dior 5 Couleurs Skyline palette) over her eyelids using her finger, and then in the corners on her eyes.

“It opens your eyes a little bit,” she says. Looks like Hadid has learnt a thing or two in her modeling career, because she onto something here! Her blue eyes immediately look more awake and refreshed!

Bella finishes of the look with some pink lip gloss, and then defies gravity by putting her hair in a bun – without a hair tie! That one might take some practice, we reckon.

Shout out to Bella for letting us in on the secret that makes simple make up look so damn good. We have got to try it ourselves!

Words: Zoe Madden-Smith


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