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How to achieve your fitness goals like a serious #boss babe in just a few easy steps

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Whether you’ve just got into the fitness swing of things, or if you’re already hardcore #fitspo, our top tips for will help you reach those goals, girl!

Exercising ain’t easy. People like Kirsty Godso, Kayla Itsines and Ashy Bines might make it look effortless, but real talk, we totally get that it takes a helluvalot of motivation and discipline to achieve your goals. However, there are some steps that can make the process easier.

1. Set a short-term goal with your long-term goal in mind.
You might want to run a half marathon in six months’ time, but it’s important to build up to the big 21km. At three months, for example, you might want to be comfortably running 10km a couple of times a week. It’s nothing crazy, but it’s still an amazing achievement and will totally motivate you to smash the next 10!

2. Have measurable goals. 
Each time you go out for a jog or a swim, try beat your time per/km, even if it’s just by a few seconds. You are your own biggest competition so invest in a fitness watch for this purpose – Baby-G watches have a 1/100-second stopwatch feature which is just what every aspiring athlete needs!

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3. If you’re getting restless, mix it up.
Eugh, boredom is the perfect ingredient for making you feel unmotivated and disinterested in fitness. We’ve all been there and it’s so hard to break out of an exercise rut, amiright?!
For prevention purposes, consider joining a gym which has group classes, cardio machines, weights and a pool too.
Or use an app like MINDBODY where you can explore different centres near your current location, from yoga, barre and pilates studios, to crossfit, bootcamp and PTs, the app shows you the latest deals and schedules, making it a one stop shop.
Versatility will encourage you to push yourself, because fitness is a mental game as well as physical. Plus, your #1 accessory, Baby-G is shock and water resistance, making it the perfect sidekick for trying out all sorts of new physical activities.

4. Find the time.
They (people on Instagram) say that if you don’t have “time” for working out, it’s because you’re choosing to not make it a priority. TBH, they’re right. Block it out in your phone’s calendar if you have to, and set yourself reminders. The difference will astound you.

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5. Reward yourself.
Yes, we’re talking fitness fashion. Activewear is a massive trend which we’re all partial to embracing for a Sunday brunch session, but it can work as a fun way to treat yo’self too. Each time you reach a goal, buy a new piece of gear on your wishlist. We’re eyeing up the Baby-G BGA-240 Series which is designed for runners. So sporty, so sharp and so great for an Instagram. In fact, you can enter to win one on our Instagram here!

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