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How to get street style snapped, according to @hsburg


Holly Sarah Burgess, aka @hsburg on Instagram, is one of New Zealand’s hottest up-and-coming photographers. She’s a regular contributor to Jaime Ridge’s DILLON DOT blog, has photographed street style stars at MBFWA, and recently shot for Fashion Quarterly. Yep, she’s not only talented with a camera but has incredible style to boot. A keen mixer and masher of designer and vintage, this girl knows a good outfit when she sees it. So as Miss FQ’s exclusive photographer for NZFW 2016 we sat down with Holly to get her street style tips.

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What are your 5 tips for getting street style snapped?

  1. Pull out the big guns
    You know that extravagant over-the-top item you bought for a “special occasion”? This is that occasion.
  2. Don’t be afraid of colour
    Stand out against the concrete runway that is the viaduct. It’s boring to stay safe in monochrome.
  3. Consider texture
    Photographers go weak at the knees for detail and depth. Rock up in both colour AND texture to guarantee a snap.
  4. Sweat the small stuff
    Don’t skip out on the finer details of your outfit. Your rings, earrings and lippy will attract us just as much as your Camilla and Marc jeans and Harman Grubisa coat.
  5. It’s not just what you wear, but how you wear it
    Be confident and fearless as you stride through the sea of people at fashion week. Ever read Amy Odell’s book, Tales From The Back Row? Wear. Your. Outfit. And. Mean. It.

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What are you looking for in an outfit that makes it worthy of being photographed?

Above all, I am looking for carefully curated outfits that exude energy. The type of energy you can feel through the photo.

Who are the NZFW attendees that you’re looking forward to capturing this year?

Brooke Testoni. This blogger conquers the perfect combination of vintage and designer – #goals. Every day is going to be a surprise with Brooke which I love. She’ll definitely keep us street style photographers on our toes.

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Talisa Sutton. Her impeccably structured and well tailored outfits create a whole new type of elegance in every photo. I mean, have you seen her ‘gram?


Krystal Boyd-Priest. As buyer for Aussie boutique, The Black Wall she is the ultimate cool kid on the fashion week streets.

Off duty models. The world wide phenomenon of the off duty model is unwavering! They are the street style superstars without even trying.

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You do a lot of running around at Fashion Week but still want to look stylish, right?! What are you planning on wearing for the biggest week of the year?

Whilst trying to be as stylish as possible, I will be going for a more practical approach this year. You’ll see me running around (read: breaking a sweat) in Levis and vintage tees, ideally with a combo of belts and earrings to jazz it up, but we’ll see. For the evening events…well, I hope I have enough strength to swap sneaks and slides for heels and fur.


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