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How to take the perfect makeup-free selfie

How to take the perfect makeup-free selfie

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Lights, camera, action!

When it comes to taking a makeup-free selfie it’s all about getting the basics right – which, in turn, will ensure your skin is looking light and bright sans makeup! For blogger and stylist Laura Hadlow, these basics include sleep, H2O and looking after your skin with a rigorous skincare routine which will all aid in your flawless endeavour.

Beauty sleep

Having a good night’s sleep is essential to taking a make-up free selfie, as there is no concealer to cover up those dark circles! I aim to be in bed asleep by 9.30pm during the weekdays. I find after an early night I wake up fresh-faced and undereye bag-less!

Drink lots of water

Yep, that boring tip again! But honestly, drinking enough water during the day totally transforms your skin, as it is one of the most important elements to making sure that you skin stays hydrated, nourished and flaw-free.

Having a good skin routine

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Looking after your skin is extremely vital as this is your ‘base’ and the first thing people notice when meeting you or looking at photos (especially selfies). This doesn’t mean you can’t have a few flaws because that’s unrealistic, but a good skincare regime will aid in skin confidence. Recently I have been using a night cream religiously in the evening and a light moisturiser during the day. SKIN by ecostore is my go-to range at the moment; the Replenishing Night Cream is so hydrating and the Light Moisturiser is perfect on its own or under makeup. Plus, all of their products are cruelty-free!


I love to pop on an assortment of jewellery when taking a selfie! My go-to pieces at the moment are my gold chain necklaces – the first is a custom-made ‘Laura’ in linked letters which I was given for my 14th birthday and the second is a pendant with a imprint of my star sign, Sagittarius! It’s from Reliquia Jewellery. These add a bit of dainty detail to a photo, and also make your selfies super unique and interesting!


No matter how great you are looking, lighting will make or break your selfie. I always opt for natural lighting; the best spot is by my bedroom windows in the morning! Also finding a subtle filter that aids in creating light and shadows on your face can replace highlighters.

This article was brought to you by SKIN by ecostoreGet the confidence to wear SKIN and nothing else. SKIN by ecostore is just what your skin needs.

Words: Laura Hadlow
Photos: Supplied


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