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How we’re styling our favourite wireless headphones

With sleek design, advanced features and the latest technology, these headphones are perfect for anyone who wants to stay stylish and connected.

Produced in partnership with Sennheiser. 

Black, white, or graphite, which colour would you choose for the Sennheiser ‘MOMENTUM True Wireless 3’ headphones?

The Sennheiser ‘MOMENTUM True Wireless 3’ headphones are the latest incarnation of an award-winning line developed for audio enthusiasts and fashion lovers alike. They’re designed for living an effortlessly modern life, touting a high-end sound, intuitive controls, adaptive noise cancellation and a choice of earbud adaptors for a personalised fit.

Read on to discover why the team is coveting this futuristic piece of tech and the fashion they’re wearing with their choice of Sennheiser ‘MOMENTUM True Wireless 3’ headphones.

Vanessa's pick: the Sennheiser 'MOMENTUM True Wireless 3' headphones in black​​

My winter wardrobe boasts warm neutrals and blacks, and the Sennheiser ‘MOMENTUM True Wireless 3’ headphones in black are a stylish accessory to match. Their sturdy case fits perfectly in my handbag for use wherever I go. I’m thoroughly enjoying the adaptive noise cancellation feature for an immersive listening experience, not to mention the wireless charging for cable-free living.

Sarah's pick: the Sennheiser 'MOMENTUM True Wireless 3' headphones in white​

When it comes to any tech accessory, my colour of choice is always white. The Sennheiser ‘MOMENTUM True Wireless 3’ headphones are crisp and clean, with high-end, crystal clear sound quality to match. They’re also ideal for the office — I can switch between hearing my surroundings, having a conversation, or listening to a podcast at the touch of a button with the nifty transparency mode. And while they’ll go with absolutely anything in my wardrobe, I love to team them with a trend I’m currently coveting — winter whites.

Hemma's pick: the Sennheiser 'MOMENTUM True Wireless 3' headphones in graphite ​

I was instantly drawn to the Sennheiser ‘MOMENTUM True Wireless 3’ headphones in graphite, a chic alternative to classic black. They complement my winter palette with ease — think darker hues with pops of bright colours. Twenty-eight hours of playtime with on-the-go charging via the case is a lifesaver, whether I’m taking hands-free calls or listening to instrumental music to help me focus. With customisable touch controls and the ability to use one or both earbuds, the ‘MOMENTUM True Wireless 3’ are truly intuitive tech tailored to my every need.

Nicole's pick: the Sennheiser 'MOMENTUM True Wireless 3' headphones in black​

There is nothing black doesn’t go with, and the sleek Sennheiser ‘MOMENTUM True Wireless 3’ headphones are no exception to the rule. I love vibrant hues and a mood-boosting playlist to beat the impending winter blues, so this season I’ll be teaming the ‘MOMENTUM True Wireless 3’ with bursts of yellow, pretty florals, and a touch of denim. Music has never sounded or looked so good! 


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