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Introducing the Maybelline It Girls: Rhyana McNab

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Miss FQ: How old are you?

Rhyana: 17

Where are you from?

New Plymouth

What is your dream and why do you want to Make It Happen?

My dream is to be a fashion designer. It is something I have always wanted to do, ever since I was really little. Fashion is what drives me. I live and breathe fashion. Even as a toddler mum recognised I would have my own style and allowed me to explore this. Through getting myself industry work experience (assisting the styling and wardrobe team for my local Mall’s Fashion campaigns & dressing at NZ Fashion Week)  I have already met some pretty amazing people within all aspects of the industry. Further building up experiences and contacts with Make It Happen will be invaluable and an exciting step into the industry.

Who is your greatest inspiration?

Other than my mum, who has always pushed me to what I want to do, it would definitely be Coco Chanel. Just how in fashion she was able to change the way that women were able to dress. She made fashion comfortable and livable, and she totally just liberated woman.

Who are your favorite designers?

Definitely Stolen Girlfriends Club – I love the edginess and I like mixing some of their pieces. I guess it’s androgynous sometimes, and I quite enjoy that. I definitely love Lonely as well, they are really cool. I love their lingerie, just such beautiful pieces. I have so many favourites, so I guess it’s hard to choose from. But definitely love any and all New Zealand brands. Oh, and Deadly Ponies, because I love their bags!

If you could design an outfit for anyone famous, who would you love to dress?

Bella Hadid. I love her – she is my total style inspiration. Her style, her look, her everything is just perfect. Everything she wears, I am always like, “I want to wear that!”

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Well in five years time, I will be straight out of a degree, so hopefully on my mission in life to become a fashion designer with my own business. Making and selling my clothes, just like the other New Zealand designers.

Tell me something that people would be surprised to know about you…

That I can be quite introverted, a lot of people think I am some weird, crazy,outgoing person. Which is true, but I also get extremely shy.

You’ve got the chance to attend one famous event anywhere in the world – what is it & why have you chosen it?

My immediate choice of one famous event would be London Fashion Week. London is known for celebrating up and coming designers, its huge trade presence and creative and diverse shows. It is one of the ‘Big Four’ in world fashion shows. I have chosen London as the first of the ‘Big Four’ Fashion Weeks that I would like to be involved in because of its reputation for helping young designers to the world stage along side established fashion greats.

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Watch our video from behind-the-scenes of the Maybelline It Girls’ photoshoot:
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Photography: Michael James Rooke
Hair stylist: Chay Roberts
Makeup artists: Rani Shortland and Elise Anderson
Stylist: Skye Ross
Rhyana wears Miss Crabb top and shorts


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