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Justin and James

Justin Bieber and James Cordon are our carpool goals!

Justin Bieber and James Cordon karaoke their way to the 2016 Grammy’s.

James Corden and Justin Bieber’s bromance never gets old.
They’ve enjoyed cruising around together on THREE occasions now, the latest being carpooling together to the Grammy’s. If you didn’t know, that’s the coolest way to arrive.
Wearing matching white tuxedoes, they looked the epitome of dashing, but of course they were acting like total goofs in the car. Seriously, this dude needs to watch the road.
The pair larked about to Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s hit, ‘Uptown Funk’, and then resurrected the whole ‘Big Fish, Little Fish, Cardboard Box’ dance which we thought had died a death in 1997.
These two seem like legit IRL mates now. <3


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