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Justin Bieber has launched a streetwear label and we’re kinda falling hard | drew-house-justin-bieber-clothing-line_feature-image_1000x1250

Justin Bieber has launched a streetwear label and we’re kinda falling hard


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Thought the Biebs had upped his street-style game in recent months? Well, now we know why.

The Canadian singer-songwriter and newlywed to model Hailey Baldwin has finally revealed his latest venture: a streetwear label named Drew House. ‘Drew’ being Bieber’s middle name.

Featuring washed out hues of tonal beige, camel, orange, and just a hint of red, Cosmopolitan is calling the debut collection ‘Yeezy-esque.’

The unisex pieces heavily draw on ‘90s nostalgia with corduroy, velvet suede and cotton being the main compositions, while the iconic smiley-face iconography with a Drew twist heroes the range as the brand’s motif.

The campaign features (intentionally) disinterested models who capture Bieber’s vision of ‘cool’. Hair is left undone, shoes are rough and unkept, and there’s more teen angst oozing out of the brand’s touchpoints than there are views of As Long As You Love Me on YouTube.


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So much so, that upon visiting the label’s ‘About Us’ section on their website, the only available information reads:

“place where you can be yourself. blah blah blah blahsdbksjdfhl. wear like you don’t care. come chill. k. bye.”

And that right there, says it all without saying very much at all.

The Biebs doesn’t care and neither do cool kids (apparently). It’s rude and approaching all at once and we are. Eating. It. Up.

The range varies between $48 USD and $158 USD (approx. $70 NZD – $230 NZD) with equally dismissive yet relatable product descriptions. For example, you can buy “chaz pants, but ya know…shorter” that are comfy enough for “sitting in bean bag chairs and couches” or the matching Chaz Button Down Shirt that’s “the kind of thing you wanna roll out of bed wearing.”

Uh huh, yep. Totally.


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My wife is awesome

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So why are we so partial to this pretty-average-looks-second-hand-but-is-totally-epic collection?

We blame scumbros. You know? The Adam Sandler’s and Shia LeBouf’s of the world making homeless-like fashions look chic.

And above all, we blame the blossoming love shared between Bieber and Bieber (nee Baldwin) for selling us the dream Elle so aptly identified as: “true love is wearing matching sweatpants”. Hailey and Justin are the definition of scrub baes [a couple with scumbro aesthetic] and now, just weeks out from Valentine’s Day, we’re considering a Drew House multi-buy to share with bae.

If this doesn’t sum up pop culture in 2019, we don’t know what does.

Never say never...

Words: Terri Dunn
Photos: Instagram, Supplied


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