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Justin Beiber, nude in Bora Bora

Justin Bieber’s penis goes viral

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Justin Bieber is currently on a tropical vacation, as celebrities are wont to do because they have lots of money and private jets. And so while staying at a nice beachside villa somewhere in Bora Bora, he decided to go for a swim. Naked. Fully frontal naked.
And then a paparazzo took photos of him. The New York Daily News, with an exclusive on the resulting zoom lens clickbait, has kindly black-barred Justin’s genitalia in their “Bieber in the Buff” report, but the Internet at large has fewer reservations/standards when it comes to celebrity peen. It’s worth noting before you Google — because admit it, you’re going to Google “Biebs peen” now, aren’t you? — that these photos have been taken without Justin’s knowledge or his consent, while he was under the belief he was in a ~private~ resort, no less, but then this is the world we live in. (And then there are the conspiracy theorists already floating the argument that Justin, all nudey and well-groomed, knew the photo opp was playing out.)
P.S. I made the “what do you peen” joke first. #JustSaying.
Source: COSMO Australia


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