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Kendall Jenner gets a totally cool new lip tattoo

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Kendall Jenner (H)

Kendall has got a new inner lip tattoo that says ‘meow’.

The 20-year-old model recently paid a visit to her favourite New York tattoo artist, Jonathan Valena, a.k.a Jon Boy to get her new edgy inner-lip ink.

Jon Boy posted a photo of Kendall to social media of her showing off her new “Meow” tattoo at West 4 Tattoo.

The New York tattoo artist gave the reality star her first tattoo in 2015. It was a barely visible dot on her middle finger. She also has a small broken heart tattoo on her finger as well.

Jon Boy is obvs the New York tattoo artist of choice and he told the New York Post model and friend Hailey Baldwin had hooked him up with all the stars.

“We go to church together, so that’s how we know each other, and she keeps bringing me her crew.”

“That’s how Kendall got here, that’s how her cousin (Ireland Baldwin, 19) got here. Justin Bieber will be coming through here sometime, as soon as he’s back in New York. Carlos Leon is another guy I tattoo all the time; he’s Madonna’s ex.”

Last year Kendall confessed to Allure she was nervous about getting a tattoo and told the magazine what her sister, Kim K told her.

“I have a really weird thing about “forever,”‘ she said. ‘And my sister Kim always said, “Don’t put a bumper sticker on a Bentley.”‘

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Photos: Getty Images, Instagram


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