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So we’re literally obsessed with Kendall Jenner’s 73 questions with Vogue video

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Throw off your Isabel Marant Bobbys, babes. Kendall Jenner thinks wedge sneakers are the worst fashion trend of all time!

That’s just one interesting fact, of many, that we learnt from her 73 Questions with Vogue video which was filmed in celebration of her covering their September issue. Yes, THE September issue.

The video is something they film with all their cover stars and have famously also done with Vogue Editor-In-Chief, Anna Wintour. We hate to say it Anna but Kenny’s giving you a run for your money for best episode!

To find out more, like that Kendall’s favourite swear word is ‘f*ck’, that she wishes people focused more on her ass, and that the craziest time she’s ever had with Gigi was this one time when they were in Cannes and they pulled an all-nighter and ended up in Monaco, watch the video above.

See the full version here.


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