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Logan Dodds

Kiwi plumber’s OE GoPro video will give you wanderlust

If your feet weren’t already itching to travel, this guy will get you there. This video is crazy cool!

Move over Max Key, Kiwi plumber Logan Dodds just one-upped you with this GoPro video of his 3 month European adventure and it’s freaking EPIC.

*Did we mention he’s also pretty easy on the eyes?*

He uploaded the video to Facebook on Tuesday and it has over 1 million views already! Phwoar. Viral goals!

The 24-year-old Aucklander who spoke to BuzzfeedLife said the highlight of his trip was, “sitting on Sunset Hill at 6am in Cappodica, watching the hot air balloons pass by… Or sipping cocktails with three legends in Hula Hula Bar in Hvar, watching the sunset. Both were probably on par.”

You can keep up with Logan’s adventures on Instagram here.

If you’re already thinking about travelling, this will give you serious wanderlust. Is it too soon to call him New Zealand’s Jay Alvarrez?


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