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Kylie Jenner responds to that big fat ‘F’ rating

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Kylie Cosmetics received the lowest possible score of a big fat ‘F’ from the Better Business Bureau this week.

Since receiving an ‘F’ rating for her company which produces those infamous Kylie Lip Kits the 18-year-old Keeping Up With Kardashians star has responded to the allegations, haters and customer complaints.

“You guys are the reason I keep going and I’m motivated every day to make Kylie Cosmetics the best it can be,” she said on her website. “I’m continuing to learn and I just want to make everyone happy. Because so many of you spoke out, I’m excited to tell you that the Better Business Bureau has looked at the facts and changed the rating.”

The BBB stated that the ‘F’ rating initially came about due to “unresolved complaints as well as a pattern of complaints regarding issues related to the delivery of orders.” As of yesterday “Kylie Cosmetics currently has No Rating.”

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