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Kylie Jenner’s latest Kylie Cosmetics release is MASSIVE

Hold on to your makeup kits (and credit cards) beauty obsessives.
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Hold on to your makeup kits (and credit cards) beauty obsessives, this is Kylie’s biggest and best release yet!

The reining Queen of beauty, or King Kylie as she likes to call herself, announced this morning on Snapchat that she’s releasing the first in a series of Kylie Cosmetics summer surprises tomorrow and it’s everything.

The aptly named “Birthday Edition” kit will go on sale tomorrow – or August 1st in LA land – and will remain on sale at for a whole 10 days, taking us to the teen celeb’s birthday on August 10. Fitting, huh?!

I mean when you start your own (wildly successful) beauty empire at the age of 18, why not celebrate with a special edition birthday collection for your 19th, right? There are no limits when you’re Kylie Jenner!

The gold-infused kit promises the first ever Kyliner kit which includes both an eyeliner pencil and gel liner in a deep bronze shade, a new lip gloss called ‘Poppin’, a Mini Matte Lipstick set dubbed ‘Leo’ for her star sign, a new metal matte lipstick named ‘Lord’, creme eyeshadows in rose gold and copper, and a birthday edition matte liquid lipstick in a bold, maroon shade called ‘Leo.’

“Everything in this collection is infused with real gold. Everything has real gold in it,” she said during the reveal. “I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to put out a maroon shade and I really felt like my birthday was it,” she added.

You can buy the kit as a whole, or purchase your favourite individual items.

Also, Kylie did say on Snappy that there should be “enough for everybody,” since her products are notorious for selling out in mere minutes.

Check out the video, above, to see the products up close and look at the swatches.


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