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Kylie Jenner glam closet

Kylie Jenner’s Glam Room tour

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Finally an insight to the place where all the Kylizzle makeup magic happens!

In more news, the 18-year-old star has released a video of her beloved ‘Glam Room’ for an insider look into her makeup collection as well as her huge array of wigs. Basically it’s the room in her Calabasas mansion where all the magic happens!

We’re not sure about you, but we’ve always wanted to know how she gets her Instagram Glam photos looking so on fleek, and now we have the answer. Kylie reveals in the vid that her space has a large beauty light with a mirror that holds your iPhone so you can “really set it up and take your selfie.” Aha!

Kylizzle also has a quartz crystlal in the room for “good energy” she says.

On a hair related note: remember how Kylie went blonde for her recent birthday? Yeah, it was a wig. Remember how Kylie was rocking an ice-blue style for a short while? Yeah, it was a wig.

We always assumed her hair wasn’t real in those situs but it wasn’t confirmed, ya know? I mean how many times can one girl change her hair and keep it looking so healthy? Well now we have proof of the wigs – so check out the video, above, to see her chat about the collection.

We’ve already been treated to exclusive tours of Kylie’s shoe closet and kitchen/living areaso fingers crossed for a glimpse at her much-anticipated Kylie Jenner Lip Kit in her next insider vid. Watch this space.

Visit for her full Glam Room tour video.


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