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Kylie did Kendall’s make up and everyone is freaking out!

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It looks like she’s had lip fillers!

Last week Kylie Jenner posted a pic of herself and older sis Kendall all glammed up and ready for a Facebook live stream event.

While some fans focused on Kylie’s luscious blonde mane of a ponytail, everyone else went cray cray over Kenny’s voluptuous smile.

about to livestream on the Kylie Jenner Facebook!

A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

One thing Jenner fans have is attention to detail, that’s for sure!

For those of you who are familiar with Kendall’s million dollar smile, if you look closely at the photo you might notice that her lips are slightly different, a little more ‘juju’ than normal if you will.

So, of course, the internet instantly blew up with rumours about Kendall’s new lip fillers. Surprise, surprise… this wouldn’t be the first time peeps have accused the sisters of cosmetic enhancements.

Kylie Jenner took it upon herself to address the snowballing rumours by posting a Snapchat video of Kendall, revealing the truth hoped was the case. As it turns out Kylie had just over-lined Kendall’s lips to fake the added plumpness.

Kudos to Kylie; her makeup skills are so good, she had us believing for a minute that Kenny’s pout might have been fake.

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