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Girl you need to know: model, photographer and influencer Laura Snelling


Miss FQ: You started off modelling and are now a photographer and stylist, too. How did your role behind the camera evolve?

Laura: I got into modelling at age 13 after I won a Creme Magazine model search. One of the prizes was a contract with local model agency 62 Models and Talent. I have been modelling ever since, landing jobs with brands such as Billabong, RPM Clothing, Ketz-ke, Fashion Week, Farmers lingerie, Bride and Groom covers, and more. I am now signed with N Model Management based in Auckland. I actually studied photography at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design. I have always had a strong passion for photography but my modelling took off and I only touched on the photography as a hobby for years, as modelling was more of a focus. I was always told that I had a special eye for photography with people pleading with me to shoot more. So I did!

What is your dream photography gig?

Dream photography gig… hmmm. I don’t have a specific dream job that comes to mind as I love anything creative. Working with a dream team, producing a dream outcome is probably more important to me than a specific job.

@chalkthebrand shot by me 🌙⭐️ Summers officially here ! @corona_nz #coronaescape

A photo posted by MODEL⭐️ PHOTOGRAPHER ⭐️STYLIST (@laura_snelling_) on

What exciting projects do you currently have in the pipeline?

I have many exciting projects coming up. I worked with Adidas New Zealand behind the lens late last year which was an amazing opportunity as I love their brand. Styling for magazines and seeing my work in print has been a great achievement, and is continuing. Watch this space!

We’re obsessed with your Instagram. What type of camera do you use?

Thank you! I am pretty free with what I post. I love the outdoors and thrive on adventures. Capturing moments in a creative way is something beautiful to me!

I have a Canon 1D and 5D and a mix of lenses, but I keep my iPhone close as I tend to snap away on that for Instagram.

You’ve got 10k followers on Instagram. What do you attribute to your social media success and what advice do you have for people who want to grow their own following to a similar level?

I guess, be true to yourself and if people like what you are producing, that’s a bonus. I deleted my Facebook for a few years and have always been a “live in the moment” type of girl. Being present is important to me, so I try to not let the world of social media take up too much of my time. I guess being in a world where social media is a strong influence, and is a great marketing tool, you should use it to your advantage. I definitely use Instagram as a marketing and business tool to express my creative avenues.

What are your trade secrets for taking the perfect photo on your iPhone?

I guess photography comes naturally to me and I just snap away! But angles always help, and figuring out your photo composition and focal point is something I think about when taking a photo. Just have fun with it and I’m sure you will get a beautiful outcome. People consider ‘beauty’ in all different forms. So, as long as you are happy with your photo, post it!

You’re total #fitspo! How do you live a healthy lifestyle and in shape?

thank you ! I have an amazing trainer, Selva Thangamani  has a company called Get Fit Fast! I have been training with him for about two years now and he’s been a life saver! We mix up our training with boxing, resistance training and cardio. With modelling, I have to be careful about gaining too much muscle and staying lean, so I always keep this in mind when working out. I try to train at least three times a week with my busy schedule. I love outdoor activities also, so I try to squeeze in a surf, wakeboard, or a nice walk outside with my partner after work.

Name five beauty products you can’t live without…

I don’t wear too much makeup as with modelling I constantly have it on, so I try to give my skin a break as much as possible.

BB creme I love – it just gives me enough coverage without looking like a ‘cake face’.

Although Kiwi brand, Triumph and Disaster is targeted at men, I have been “borrowing” my partners T&D face wash and I am addicted! Knowing that T&D use clean organic ingredients – which I think is an important factor for clean skin – allows me to feel confident in what goes onto my face. Following the face wash, I use their Game Face Everyday Moisturiser.

A great mascara I use is Eyeko’s Black Magic Mascara – it’s not too clumpy and keeps your lashes looking extra full and long.

Lastly I have to mention the Original & Mineral Frizzy Logic Shine Serum. I have curly hair and its very thick, so this is awesome for taming the frizz and keeping the shine!

Top three of favourite Instagram accounts we should all follow?

I love a bit of a laugh and am one of those girls who tags their friends in silly memes so @daddyissues_ is a must.

On a more serious note, I would say @margaret__zhang! [She’s a] creative photographer, stylist and writer who produces some beautiful work.

@theloversanddriftersclub – I love their creative direction and how unique their Instagram is!

Interview: Skye Ross
Images: Supplied / Instagram


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