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Lena Dunham teams up with some kickass women for a very special podcast

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DifferenceMakers (F)

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Clinique has proudly linked up with Girls star Lena Dunham for a special podcast, recorded as a one-off for her Women of the Hour series, which will tell the stories of three women as part of the #DifferenceMaker campaign.
The campaign’s creators said the initiative was developed to inspire and encourage women by demonstrating the power of change.
Lena will interview Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez, South African actor Jessica Nkosi and Netflix star Erendira Ibarra to discuss how making just one change in their lives has had a huge effect.
While the women tell their stories of their experiences in overcoming difficulties, they also share inspirational messages of strength and hope.
Gina said the campaign wasn’t aimed at talking about beauty, it was meant as a way to open up a conversation about issues which mattered.
“[Clinique] were trying to talk about something greater than beauty, or where beauty stems from. And the ability to use that beauty, I believe it comes from your character, to create a difference. They’re allowing me a greater platform to talk about greater education.”
The special ep will kick-off season two of Women of the Hour. It is available now through iTunes and has also been distributed through Lenny.
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