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Life lessons we can learn from cliches


Sometimes it turns our that you don’t have to avoid these nuggets “like the plague” after all.

How many times have you rolled your eyes whenever Nana trotted out the old “there are plenty more fish in the sea” expression after your most recent break-up? But while there are many cliches that should probably be buried “hook, line and sinker”, it’s no reason to “throw the baby out with the bath water” – there are some sayings that actually contain wisdom worth pondering. Psychologist and life coach Emi Goulding explains how within these old adages are valuable life lessons that can help you overcome obstacles and live a happier, more successful existance.
If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again
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Failing is never fun, but it’s important to not let our fear convince us to never try in the first place. Perserverance can make the difference between falling once and giving up, or giving it another try and eventually succeeding.
Look before you leap
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If you’re a naturally implusive type this cliche can be a lifesaver. Got a job interview? Do your research. Going overseas? Book travel insurance. Life needs spontaneity, but you can still make smart decisions.
Every cloud has a silver lining
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There are a myriad sayings about the importance of staying positive, especially in negative situations, but it may surprise you to find out that research backs it up.
Actions speak louder than words
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Always making plans but never following through? “This is a great cliche to remember when it comes to motivating yourself,” advises Golding. “How many of us get caught in ‘shoulds’? I should go to the gym, I should get a better job… Many people get stuck in ‘shoulds’ instead of taking action to create the life that they want.”
Just be yourself
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If you truly believe this saying it can help you overcome one of the biggest anxieties that holds people back from self-fulfilment. No-one is saying it will be easy to do and there are people who devote their entire spiritual lives to it, yet the challenge is worth the result.

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